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Cards of Thanks


Prayers to Adam and thanks to AJ!

Archuleta County Demolition Derby is just a week away, and I owe a great amount of thanks to all my supporters. Without AJ donating his ’89 Olds Cutlass and his endless “step up to the plate” attitude, I would not be doing it this year. AJ and his dad, Adam, got her ready for welding, and if any of you have ever seen the making of a derby car, then you know much effort goes into it. Now, Adam is in great need of all the prayers this community can muster. From a fall, Adam landed in the hospital with a collapsed lung. He is on his way to recovery, but with tougher time all of us could use the little miracles that a kind word, thought or prayer can give. Thank you to all my sponsors; their money is going to help pay for AJ’s going-to-college replacement car. Please look for their names at the derby. And a special thanks to two girls, Jessie and Cassey, for their artistic help coloring up 89.

Thanks and prayers.

Angela Hall


Thanks to over 100 not-so-average participants, volunteers, sponsors and those that in some other way supported the Cruise-a-Thong, Bloody Mary Showdown and post-event Colorado Housing, Inc. fund-raiser.? As you know, we are about having a great time, but we are also about raising awareness and funds for things near and dear to us like our river, our Riverwalk and affordable housing in our community.? And if you do not know, we could not put on this event without your help … and of course, it wouldn’t be as much fun without you!? Thank you. We are already looking forward to 2010.?

Ben Witting and Tamra Allen, bringing you random acts of fun


The Friends of the Library Board would like to thank and recognize the many people who contributed to the success of our annual book sale. The staff of the library and the director, Jackie Welch, worked tirelessly throughout the year sorting, boxing and storing the donated books and materials. We greatly appreciate the generosity of the people who donated books, puzzles, CDs and DVDs. Without these items, we would not have had a sale. We have also benefited from the generosity and help from Silver Dollar Liquors, Rotary Club, Old West Press, Lee Riley and the Pagosa Fire Protection District.

A special thank you goes to the volunteers who helped transport, set up, arrange and sell the books for the sale, along with help for the removal of materials when the sale was over. The volunteers are as follows: Kay and Warren Grams, Marti Capling, Eileen Anderson, Barbara Palmer, Mary Jane Knight, Donna Geiger, Liz Christiansen, Cathne Holt, Matt Roane, Sandy Barber, Bob and Susan Kanyur, Gene Wissler, Harold Morrison, Ione Adams, Sharee Grazda, Helen Richardson, Savannah Huizar, Raelynn, Merilyn Moorhead, Barb Cole, Kathy and Dick Hamilton, Ryan Hujis, Andy Abresch, Garrett Fitch, Johnny Gilbert, Bruce and Nettie Trenk, Jennifer Hedrick, Cindy Quigley, Barbara Draper, Alan Salstein, Peter Welch, Barry Wheeless, Dick Bond, Robert Soniat, Joe Donovan, Steven Mahaffey and Dave Richardson.

Last, but not least, we want to thank the people who came to our sale, making it a success.

You have our apologies if we have forgotten to include anyone who participated in our sale; it is an unintended omission.