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‘Drum and Dance Jam’

Elation Center for the Arts presents “Drum and Dance Jam,” 6:30-8 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 6, at the Pagosa Lakes Clubhouse. Admission is $5.

“Drum and Dance Jam” embodies a colorful spectrum of world music and dance. Using international folk dance and music as a basis for new explorations in the expressive arts, Carla and Paul Roberts host this participatory experience.

“Drum and Dance Jam” is an all-acoustic event, with the Wild Mountain Gypsies as the house band. Wild Mountain Gypsies is a local ensemble, with the Roberts, dancers and other musicians.

The Roberts are multi-instrumentalists who play acoustic instruments from around the world: sitar, guitar, dumbek, medieval flutes, cittern, cheng, cello banjo, mandola, mandocello, bodhran, chalil, charango, Native American flute, oud, sarod, tenor banjo, shakuhachi, tar, and saz.

A devoted teacher, Carla Roberts teaches regular courses in Pagosa in hand percussion, native flute, clogging and belly dance. Carla sings traditional melodies from around the world — in 12 languages — and she plays several wind, percussion and stringed instruments.

A banjo player for decades, Paul began branching out to more exotic stringed instruments when he began studying sitar in the 1960s. Paul’s music is a patchwork of idioms from ancient cultures, blended by his eclectic taste in musical composition and improvisation.

For more than 20 years, the Roberts have devoted themselves to the cultural enrichment of children, through school assemblies and performing arts residencies. They Roberts’ fine arts concerts have been well received since they began performing together in 1974.

For more information, call 731-3117.