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Cards of Thanks
Monday, November 22, 2010


Words seem insufficient to express our gratitude!

We were blessed to have so many friends, family and neighbors join us for our 50th wedding anniversary on June 27, 2009. We began our journey as a couple 50 years ago at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, and we reaffirmed our vows at the same location in front of our beloved children, who continue to bless us with their love and, of course, grandchildren. We certainly appreciate the generous, continual and unbounded love and support of our friends and family, without whom our celebrating could not have happened, but even more important, have made our 50 years of marriage a celebration of all of our lives together. We hope all who helped us celebrate, understand how deeply we appreciate your help: the Chavolo staff for the food; Variety Express and the Rivas family for the music; and especially Padre Carlos for the blessed sacrament of the mass.

Your love and, most of all, your presence in our lives as a couple means the world to us. Thank you all so much.

Moises and Clara Martinez


The children at Seeds of Learning would like to thank Ron Hitti at Commercial Rock for making us such beautiful sand.? We love it, and are having so much fun.


The Builders Association of Pagosa Springs (BAoPS) feels the county and the town took an important first step in stimulating both the building sector and the local economy as a whole with the Development Fee Proposal Initiative.?With this initiative our community can re-imagine growth. The executive board of directors of the Builder’s Association of Pagosa Springs voted unanimously to support the county and the town’s development fee proposal. All members of the BAoPS that were contacted were also unanimously in favor of the proposal.?The association membership believes positive influences from this initiative will make a broad impact throughout the local economy. The BAoPS offers sincere thanks to our town and county officials. BAoPS requests all entities that charge fees on building to waive or reduce those fees and join in with the Builders Association to build a better community.


We would like to express our deep gratitude and appreciation to the wonderful home owners who so graciously opened their lovely and unique homes for the benefit of the Pagosa Springs Art Council. This past Sunday each of these delightful homes was a welcome showcase for hundreds of visitors. The weather was perfect, the patrons plentiful and the refreshments delicious. We thank you Janie and Jack Bard, Marti and Al Bledsoe, Bob and Lisa Scott, and Janis and Bob Moomaw. We would also like to give a warm thank you to our 23 volunteer hostesses who served and greeted our visitors, as well as all the board members of the Pagosa Springs Art Council who gave of their time and talents. We also want to thank the Wild Spirit Art Gallery for donations of art for our sale and Bonnie Sprague with High Plains Nursery for her plant donations.

With great appreciation,

Kim Moore

Katherine Frisbee

Lavern Burton


Special thanks to DC Duncan for putting us all together and making it happen. I want to thank everybody who attended my benefit last Sunday at the Buffalo Inn. I want to thank the bands, who were all great: On the Edge, Jack Ellis, Neal Nelson, Tommy Martinez with Fuerza Nortena, Zoomin’ Noomin and members of other bands who sat in.

Running sound was John Maun. The crowd was electric, happy and very generous with donations, and I got to see a lot of old friends who saw a lot of old friends.

Maybe we’ll do something of a big jam like this next year.

Again, thanks.

Joel L. Christie

Kiwanis Club

The Pagosa Kiwanis Club would like to take this opportunity to thank the following for their help during the Fourth of July Red Ryder Roundup: The Western Heritage Committee for allowing the Kiwanis to put on the “Cow Plop Bingo,” and J.R. Ford with Pagosa Land Company for supplying the contestants to do the “plop;” Deanna and Anna at Pagosa Land Company for preparing the bingo board; and Lori Lucero for helping sell the bingo board. Last, but certainly not least, are the people who bought the squares for their chance at winning. By the way, congratulations to Ann Campbell for buying the winning square.