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Cards of Thanks
Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rotary parade

It is with great pleasure that we thank so many people for making the Pagosa Springs Rotary Club Fourth of July Parade the success that it was.

The Pagosa Springs Rotary Club, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in Pagosa Springs this year, does so many worthy deeds for the community all through the year. However, the task of putting on this monumental two-hour effort is by far the happiest. The Rotary Club is thrilled to sponsor, financially support and organize this family event.

The parade committee started with meetings six weeks before the Fourth, and worked through cleaning up the high school parking lot after the last float left. We can say once again, we are proud to be Rotarians.

The County Tourism Committee helped cover the costs by awarding Rotary a grant for the parade.

The Chamber of Commerce and The SUN did an outstanding job of getting application forms to entries. Your contribution made it easy for everyone to enter. Our appreciation also goes to Will Speers and KWUF for supplying the sound equipment and providing public service announcements prior to the parade and coverage during it.

Chief Saunders and the Town of Pagosa Springs Police Department and the Mounted Rangers did a great job of redirecting traffic and manning crucial spots in and around the parade route. Thank you for keeping everyone safe. The town staff was a joy to work with and provided support and amenities to help the entrants.

It was with pride that we honored Bob and Valerie Goodman as our Grand Marshals and a special thank you goes to Bob Lindner for providing the snazzy stagecoach for their transportation and to Tiger Register for driving it.

Our five judges did an outstanding job and judged with no bias. The gifts for those judges were supplied by Rainbow Gifts and Chokecherry Tree and Design A Sign donated the theme banner. And what would we do without the announcers? Karl Isberg and Mike Branch were as informative and humorous as ever. We couldn’t do it without them.

It takes a town to build a parade. Day Lumber donated the use of the flatbed for the announcers’ and judges’ stand, Archuleta County Extension donated the use of the tables and chairs and Archuleta School District 50 Joint allowed us to use the high school parking lot as a staging area.

The ever popular pilots of the Pagosa’s own San Juan Squadron, aka Pagosa Angels, wowed everyone on the ground with the fly-over to start the parade. We have heard nothing but rave reviews about them and so appreciate their donated time, talent and expenses to make this a very special event. Our “Air Force” practiced long and hard and even the practices were enjoyed by so many.

From the proud flag bearers of the American Legion leading the parade, to the last Rotary vehicle thanking everyone for coming, the parade celebrated the freedom our country enjoys and exhibited the diversity of our community. Thank you all for being a part of this very special day.

JoAnn Laird

Bob Moomaw

Youth Center

Pagosa Springs Youth Center would like to thank the following people for all their support in helping us get our childcare license, our doors open and ready for Xtreme Day Camp and in preparation for our upcoming teen programs: The board of directors of the Power House, Tim Iverson of Pagosa Electric, Ed Weddle, Louis Puentes, Barbara Drane, Grime Solvers, Royce Kinneman, Manny Trujillo and Scott Pierce, James Dickoff, Glenn Walsh, Linda and Chris Erskine, Design A Sign, Karen Davison, Lynne Bridges, Teri Matzdorf and Bill Hudson. Thank you to Parks and Rec, Pagosa Lakes Rec Center, Ruby Sisson Library, Restoration Fellowship, Pagosa Outreach Connection and El Pomar Foundation. A special thanks to our camp counselors Ahuva Novak, Michael Schmidt, Kelsey Lyle, Rachel Watkins, Andrea Burch, Stormie Cesena, Angela Brousseau, CIT’s, Silas Thompson, Mitch Higby and Will Smock-Egan. A special thanks to the great kids at Leadership Camp. A very heartfelt thanks to Karen Carpenter, program director, for doing an amazing job, putting in countless dedicated long hours and creating a program that makes the kids want to come to camp each and everyday.

Thank you.

Joanne Irons