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Biz Beat - Jordan Cross Works
Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bill and Becky Jordan are cross makers. They own and operate Jordan Cross Works, specializing in the design and creation of handmade, custom crosses.

Jordan Cross Works does not sell or inventory crosses, they create them, one at a time, from wood material with special meaning to clients, who also play a critical role in design.

Jordan Cross Works started when the Jordans began making crosses at the request of close friends who wanted a cross created from products that had been in their families, often for generations. Jordan Cross Works has made crosses from antique picture frames, barn wood and all types of furniture, to broken karate boards, antlers and everything in between. The crosses are unique pieces of Christian art, as well as stunning and personal gifts for those who mean the most. The intention is to create an undeniable symbol from things with personal history, that will hold that history for generations to come.

Call Jordan Cross Works at (970) 946-2054 and visit the shop, or go to