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Acoustic Trail presents The Titanium Spork Summer Tour 2009
Friday, November 12, 2010

The Titanium Spork Summer Tour 2009 is making its way from the heartland to the highland as it treks across the west from Oklahoma to Colorado and back again.

It’s not often three songwriters of this caliber get along well enough to team up and create an evening that encompasses the best of what a whole state has to offer. Joe Mack, Carter Sampson and Chris Lee Becker are three of Oklahoma’s most unique and up-and-coming tunesmiths and together they are the Titanium Spork, a tag team of acoustic troubadours armed with a couple of the Souvenirs (Becker’s rag tag outfit) that are going to spread their music across the western landscape like butter on a bagel.

Joe Mack is nearly indescribable, as words cannot properly convey what this man can do to your ears. As Okie as you get, with his youth spent in Lawton, Okla., it only took a few moves around the greatest state in the union before he nailed his feet to the ground in the endless woods outside of Tahlequah, where he crafts his own kind of music with guitars, loop pedals, cat toys, Gatorade bottles and whatever else he finds that makes noise. Lyrically, Mack will make the listener fall in love, cry a rebel yell, yearn for yesteryear and dance within the perimeter of one song. His first official studio release was released on Halloween of 2008. Mack’s musical landscape is diverse, as is evident on the new album – which covers all ground from back-porch-Okie-picking to bass-driven break beat funk to lucidly layered psychedelic jams. But, unlike the majority of his gigs, which are rowdy and raucous solo shindigs, Mack turned to several colleagues to bring a fully orchestrated feel to his crazy, diverse album.

Carter Sampson is one of Oklahoma City’s most dynamic singer-songwriters. Blessed by a musical legacy from a family that includes such talents as Roy Orbison, Carter’s journey as a musician seems to have been predestined. A naturally independent free spirit, what started as a pastime at age 15 had matured into a dedicated passion of creation and performance. Her empowering, relatable and appealing music has garnered her an incredibly diverse and loyal fan base. As sweet as she is salty, Carter has played too many Green Country stages to list including two appearances at the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival in Okemah, Okla., along with a stint back east in Boston where she quickly gained a following amongst the hordes at colleges in the area. She is currently supporting her fourth release, “Good for the Meantime,” which, like Mack’s, was recorded at the venerable Travis Linville’s Dirty Bird Studios.

Songwriter and mandolin madman Chris Lee Becker was born in New Mexico, raised in Oklahoma and cut his musical teeth in Colorado while living in Benny “Burle” Galloway’s attic. After defeating stage fright as a mandolin-playing member of the Durango bluegrass band Rock & Rye, and a short couple tours with Fort Collins’ Victor Barnes, Becker moved back to Oklahoma to do his own thing and has since released his first studio album, “Bourbon and Lemonade,” which was produced by his friend and musical collaborator Kabe Cornell at K.B.’s Bait Shop and Recording Studio in Tulsa. Becker now spends most of his time heading up the Souvenirs, a collection of Tulsa’s best, who don’t mind helping purvey Becker’s very original and stimulating songs one bit. The Souvenirs are quickly becoming a fixture in the minds of those who lurk near acoustic music in Tulsa and the surrounding areas.

Acoustic Trail is delighted to present this eclectic and exciting group of fine musicians under the festival tent 6-10 p.m. Thursday, July 9, at Pagosa Brewing Company, with Pagosa’s finest sound system with a great listening and family atmosphere. Tickets are $10 for general admission, $5 for Acoustic Trail members and Mug Club members. Call 946-7498 for advance tickets and membership information. Come early to get a great spot under the tent.

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