Cards of Thanks

LPEA golf

We at the Archuleta County Victim Assistance Program first and foremost would like to thank the unyielding dedication of Mike Alley and Darin Rome for organizing and planning such a grand event for yet another year. We know how demanding fund-raising can be, so thanks to you for all your very hard work — we absolutely appreciate you. Also, to the many supportive sponsors: this year hasn’t been easy for many businesses, so an extra big thank you for your contributions. To LPEA for continuing to be a community-aware and community-conscious organization. And. last, to all the troopers who came out and played. What amazing determination to finish, no matter what the weather. Sopping wet, you all played extremely well! Thank you to all.


The Archuleta County Victim Assistance Program board, staff, and advocates


We would like to thank Father Carlos Alvarez for the beautiful mass, the Guadalupanas of Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church; Roy Vega; Don Volger; Mayor Quintana, of Ignacio; the police force of Pagosa Springs; Kathy Kulyk; Ann and George Maze, neighbor and friend; Virginia Maes; Margaret Seavy, for the love and care they gave our Dad; Ernest Yamaguchi, his best friend, for all the phone calls and food.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rivas, family; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Rivas; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Willingham; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jr. Rivas, family; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rivas, family; Mr. and Mrs. Hank Rivas, family; Mr. Leroy Cotton; Sharon Willson; Mr. and Mrs. Danny Salas; Cora Woolsey, family; Mr. and Mrs. Lester Rivas, family


Joe and Sandi Gutierrez would like to thank all the guests who attended our wedding on June 13, 2009. We had a great time celebrating with all of our friends and family. We are honored that everyone shared our special day with us. Special thanks to D.J. Smiley; he rocked the house! Thanks to the ladies at “Let it Rip” — my dress fit perfect. Boss Hogg’s — the food was great. My girls and I could not have made it without all of you! Thanks everyone.