Young racer bags wins on motocross circuit

Rookie Pagosa motocross racer, 8-year-old Coltin Chavez, continues to hammer home wins on the Southwest circuit, most recently with a third-place finish in Aztec, N.M. June 21, and a first- and second-place finish at Verde Valley Motoplex in Prescott, Ariz. June 6.

Chavez races in the 50 cc class and the 50 cc open.

In Aztec June 21, Chavez took third place in the 50 cc class; while in Prescott, Chavez took first place in the 50 cc open and a second place in the 50 cc class.

He rides a KTM 50sx.

In addition, and on May 10, Chavez placed second in the 50 cc open and 50 cc in Aztec, N.M., and a took a third place finish in the 50 cc class in Durango May 17.

According to Chavez’s mother, Jennifer Chavez, her son’s wins mean more than just trophies and triumph over fellow motocross racers. The wins, she said, mark a victory in her son’s battle over childhood epilepsy.

“Coltin is very special to us. Back in February 2005 he had a seizure, then in March 2005 another one. After that, the seizures became more frequent. By the beginning of June 2005, Coltin had been on several different meds, which did not seem to be helping. By July, Coltin was having 100 small seizures an hour and was unable to do anything by himself,” Chavez said.

With the seizures increasing, Chavez and her husband, Ronnie Chavez, took their son to Durango to see a doctor. The visit resulted in a referral to Children’s Hospital in Denver, where Coltin spent a week battling seizures and complications from medications.

“We spent a week in Children’s with basically no good news and no hope. We were told that he had severe epilepsy and would for the rest of his life. The only thing the doctors could do is try to control the seizures with meds,” she said.

Although prior treatment with medication had been hit or miss, a doctor in Denver found a new prescription which, Chavez said, transformed her son’s life.

“Coltin has been seizure-free now for a year and a half. With a lot of prayers and faith we have watched God work in Coltin’s life giving him the opportunity to live his dream which is riding his dirt bike and racing,” Chavez said.

According to Chavez, her youngest son is following in his brothers’ footsteps and is being trained by his 24-year-old brother, Nick Chavez.