Cards of Thanks

Team CenturyTel

Team CenturyTel would like to thank the following folks for their kind donations and support: CenturyTel, The SUN, Jackisch Drugs, Squirrel’s, Shane Prunty, JJ’s, The Rose, Dorothy’s, Rusty and Theresa Hector, Bear Creek, Ramon’s, Pagosa Springs Junior High School, Bob’s LP, Alco, Bill Hudson, Chris Olivarez, Coca-Cola, Illuminating Ideas, Monograms Plus, The Buck Stops, Randy Hall, Jeremiah Cummons, Bank of the San Juans, Ray Bush, Amanda Trefethen and all the horseshoe players.


What a beautiful day for golf and friends at the Lauren White Memorial Golf Tournament. No rain! And the course looked great. Thanks to Pagosa Springs Golf Course and staff for all their hard work. Troy, thanks for putting the tournament together and the gifts you donated. The food was great thanks to the Dogwood Café. Thanks to Jeff Laydon for photography, Century Telephone, KK Paddywacks, Summer Phillips for scholarship gifts, and Mark Thompson for helping us with the scholarships, of which we were able to give eight this year. Thanks to everyone for all of your donations and sponsorships, you made this possible. We always love coming back to Pagosa to see our friends and make new ones. This tournament means so much to us and we thank all of you for the support every year.

Always in our hearts,

Burly, Cindy and Chris

Wrestling camp

Thank you to all who support in the administration of the wrestling camp we hold here each year. The many contributions from local citizens too numerous to list help make this camp a one of a kind experience for young athletes in our community as well as across the Four Corners region. Local businesses always treat the teams with warmth, and the coaches who bring their teams always remark at the exceptional hospitality they feel in this community.

Special thanks to Dale and Deanna Hockett for their continued support, providing rooms for our clinicians and our “Quest for the Rock” team trophy, as well as many other services; and to the Springs Resort for accommodating large numbers of campers and coaches, and Alpine Septic for the use of their services.