Bingo game featuring local arts underway now at library

We hope you want to join the fun by playing a wonderfully creative bingo game that offers great prizes and focuses on the many arts-related activities available in our community.

To play the game, pick up your bingo card at the library and start collecting the venue’s stamp or sticker on the square that you attend or experience. Once you have filled up a row, turn your card in at the library to be entered in the prize draw.

Participating places include the Liberty Theater, Fred Harman Museum, Kips Grill and Cantina, San Juan Dance Academy, the Artisans Co-op, Elation Center for the Arts, Nello’s Bistro, Howlin’ Wolf Music, Springs Theatre Company, Pagosa Pottery, Wild Spirit Gallery, Pagosa Folk ’N Bluegrass Festival, Pagosa Arts Council Gallery, Shy Rabbit Contemporary Arts Gallery, KWUF, Moonlight Books and, of course, your library.

That’s an impressive list, and it reminds us what a wealth of opportunities for artistic expression we have here in Pagosa Springs.

The bingo game runs from June 1 through July 5. In addition to the fun you’ll experience, you’ll be eligible for prizes including tickets to Music in the Mountains, the Springs Theater and Liberty Theater, plus CDs, a digital photo keychain, gif certificate to Pagosa Pottery and more.

New novels

“The Family Man” is the latest in the Henry Archer series by comic novelist Elinor Lipman. “Hello Goodbye” by Emily Chenoweth is the story of a family dealing with the mother’s inoperable brain tumor. “The Visibles” by Sara Shepard is the story of a young lady who believes that DNA defines who we are and forever ties us to our relatives. “The Increment” by David Ignatius is a novel that takes you inside the Iranian nuclear program. “People of the Weeping Eye” by W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear is an epic novel of North America’s forgotten past. “The Moment Between” by Nicole Baart is the story of a woman who becomes obsessed with a man and follows him into the wine country of British Columbia.

Mysteries and thrillers

“Always Watching” by Brandilyn and Amberly Collins is the story of the daughter of a rock star who comes face to face with murder.

“The Devlin Diary” by Christi Phillips is a mystery that ties the happenings of Charles II’s court in London in the 1600s to modern day Trinity College at Cambridge.

Books on CD

“Eclipse” and”“New Moon” are two of the hugely popular vampire books by Stephanie Meyer featuring the star-crossed lovers Bella and Edward.

How-to and self-help

“The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Geocaching/second edition” by the editors and staff of helps you hunt for treasure and find adventure. “What To Read When” by Pam Allyn offers a list of more than 300 titles addressing powerful childhood themes for your use in reading to your children from birth to age 10.

More non-fiction

“The Blue Sweater: Bridging the gap between rich and poor in an interconnected world” by Jacqueline Novogratz explores ways to understand global poverty and find ways to tackle it. “Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto” is a call to action by by conservative talk radio’s Mark R. Levin. “The Girls from Ames” by Jeffrey Zaslow is the stsory of 11 childhood friends who formed a special bond growing up in Ames, Iowa. “American Heroes: Profiles of Men and Women Who Shaped Early America” is the latest history book by Pulitzer Prize winner Edmund S. Morgan. “Broken: A Love Story” by Lisa Jones tells of a Northern Arapaho quadriplegic in Wyoming whose extraordinary healing powers extend from horses to people.

Board books for babies

“That’s Not My Kitten” is an Usborne touchy-feely book; its bright pictures with their patches of different textures are designed to develop sensory and language awareness. “ABC’s” by Charley Harper and “Splash!” by Flora McDonnell are books made of heavy enough material that it can be handled and held by babies.

Books for youngsters

We have nine new books for parents to read to young children and for young readers to read to themselves:

“Old MacDonald Had a Farm” by Jane Cabrero, “Mail Harry to the Moon!” by Robie H. Harris and Michael Emberley, “A Kitten Tale” by Eric Rohmann, “We’re All in the Same Boat” by Zachary Shapiro and Jack E. Davis, “Born to Read” by Judy Sierra, “How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?” by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague, “Superhero ABC” by Bob McLeod, “I’m The Biggest Thing in the Ocean” by Kevin Sherry and “Count to 10 with Big Fat Hen” by Keith Baker. All these books have wonderful illustrations.

Thanks to our donors

For generous donations in memory of William Seielstad, we thank Ruth Blanchard, Lenore Bright, William and Robbie Nyara, and Ralph and Genevieve Phelps. We also express our gratitude to the Pagosa Pretenders Family Theatre for their generous gift in support of the this year’s Summer Reading Program.

For books and materials this week we thank the Archuleta County Education Center, Elizabeth Coleman, Judy Collins, Carole Howard, Julie Loar, Bonnita Lynne, Wilbur Ray, Anna O’Reilly, Marilyn Stroud, Marley Weaver-Gabel, Patricia Waters, Bill Wiggins and James Wilson.

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