Cards of Thanks

Junior high

Pagosa Springs Junior High School would like to honor and thank our many volunteers who helped make the 2008-2009 school year a success. We simply could not do it without you!

Sabrina Alexander, Jerry Archuleta, Kathleen Baca, Melissa Bailey, Clara Burns-Easton, Melissa Campbell, Suzette Cass, Jeremy Coffelt, Mike Danielson, Brenda Decker, Ronnie Doctor, Frank Elge, Royce Fairhead, Charlene Feinhals, Mark Floyd, Lori Fortney, Tom Greenly, Addi Greer, Marianne Hall, Julia Hampton, Jim and Diana Hills, Donna Hudson, Jace Johnson, Sue Jones, Susan Kuhns, Jessica Lawton, Carrie Levonius, Jennifer Lindberg, Lilly Mondragon, Ahuva Novak, Robbie and David Parker, Cody and Dawn Ross, Mel Rosser, Bob and Lisa Scott, Mary Shahan, Todd Shelton, Kathy Strohecker, Eric Suttles, Carrie and Nick Toth, Carolyn Townsend, August Vanderbeek, Glenn Walsh, Andy Weber, Al and Allison Wylie.

We apologize if there is anyone missing who gave their time and energy to help the junior high during this last school year. We truly appreciate all you did.

Liam Frey

My name is Liam Frey; I just wanted to update you and thank you for supporting me. I have raised the necessary funds to participate in the Rotary exchange program. The Cowboy Fastdraw event held at the Buffalo Inn this weekend was very successful. I want to thank Jim Stone, owner of the Buffalo Inn, Dave and Shirley Miler, a.k.a. Mongo and Wench, with the local fast-draw club San Juan Shooters Association, and everyone who attended the fund-raiser and donated. Lastly I wanted to thank my Mom and Rotary for helping me in making all of this happen.

I promise that I will be an outstanding ambassador for Pagosa Springs and Rotary.

I will be leaving about the middle of August. You can find updates of my adventures on

Thank you so much Pagosa!


Loretta and David Doughty along with her parents, Joe and Ruby Jaramillo, would like to thank all their family and friends who made their day very special.

May God bless you all.