PLPOA members to vote on bylaw amendment

The Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association (PLPOA) will be asking its members to vote for a new bylaw amendment at the July annual meeting. The proposed amendment will be presented and explained in the upcoming PLPOA newsletter.

This amendment has to do with spending funds that have already been set aside as reserves for future capital improvements. This is not unlike a homeowner saving money each year for future remodeling projects to his or her home. This is usually wiser than borrowing the money at the time of the project.

The PLPOA has been setting aside money each year for future parks, trails, and recreation center improvements or additions. The existing bylaw essentially states that, even if the money has already been set aside little by little, any capital improvement in excess of $100,000 requires the majority vote of the property owners. The revised bylaw would allow reserve funds in excess of $100,000 to be spent as long as there will be no increase in assessments (dues).

There are several cost-saving reasons why this amendment is a good idea. One is that any additional election outside of the yearly annual meeting would cost about $10,000 for printing and mailing. Another reason is that this amendment would allow the PLPOA to take timely advantage of suddenly lower overhead costs. For example, asphalt costs are lower this year than they have been. Material costs don’t often go down year over year. Similarly, there are occasional opportunities to acquire heavily discounted real estate parcels that would have long-term benefit for recreation, parks or trails. Another huge cost-saving benefit comes through the potential economies of scale of large, one-time contracts rather than breaking a project into multi-year phases that would each cost less than $100,000.

Look for additional details and a mail-in ballot in the next PLPOA newsletter and make sure your vote is counted.

Fishing derby

The Pagosa Lakes annual Kids Fishing Derby has been scheduled for Friday, June 19, at Lake Forest. The derby is a free event open to all kids 16 and under and will begin at 9 a.m. and run until noon. At noon a free hot dog lunch will be provided, followed by a prize awards ceremony.

Every kid will receive a prize. The giveaways include all kinds of fishing related tackle and gear.

There will be four different age classes competing for biggest fish and most fish, although it’s less about competition and more about having fun, and maybe learning a couple things about fishing. There will be some volunteers available at the lake to help the kids with fishing techniques and strategies, if needed. The lakes have recently been stocked with rainbow trout, which should make for a fun day of fishing.

Make sure the kids bring a fishing pole (extra poles will be available for loan), sunscreen and a hat. The derby will begin at 9 a.m. and check-in will be at the Lake Forest boat ramp. To get to the boat ramp, take Lake Forest Circle past the second Beaver Circle intersection and turn onto the small gravel road labeled “Lake Forest Boat Ramp.” If you have any questions, contact the Pagosa Lakes offices at 731-5635.

Open forum

Environmental Control Committee members Fred Ebeling, Ray Finney, Ernie Karger, Bill Pongratz and Dennis Schick hosted the first Pagosa Lakes Open Forum education meeting on Thursday, June 4, and were joined by property owners, local real estate agents, a contractor and potential PLPOA Board candidates.

Topics of interest included introduction of the Environmental Control Committee members, Pagosa Lakes commercial-type truck parking, Archuleta County and Pagosa Lakes building process, and Colorado’s new law on carbon monoxide alarm regulation. Variance and violation processes, building permit fees, real estate agent contact to resolve violations, color and fence policies were also discussed.

The next meeting will take place Sept. 3 at 6 p.m. in the Pagosa Lakes Clubhouse. The purpose of the quarterly meeting is to open community communication lines, share property information and work together to promote, enhance and protect property values, and improve the building and covenant processes. Please feel free to contact any committee member or the Pagosa Lakes Department of Covenant Compliance (230 Port Ave.) or phone 731-5635 for additional information, for inclusion on the next agenda and/or to be added to the mailing list.

Photo courtesy Larry Lynch
The Pagosa Lakes Community Garden was built by the PLPOA this spring near the PLPOA offices. There are 12 raised beds, a water source, a split-rail fence to keep the deer out and a small storage shed at the site. Fifteen gardners have signed up (a couple of shared beds) and there are already nice vegetables starting to come up out of the ground. Organizers hope this is an idea that grows over time, and there is plenty of room to expand next year.