Farm visit includes growing domes

If you have noticed dome-shaped structures in and around Pagosa Springs and are curious or interested in learning more about them, your curiosity can be satisfied by joining us for a farm visit being conducted by the Southwest Organization of Sustainability (SOS) on Saturday, June 13.

We will visit Joanie MacAteer’s farm, which includes two growing domes — one large 42 foot dome and another smaller dome. Plants thrive year-round, defying the challenges of high altitude and the short growing season experienced here. Plants can also reach an astonishing size when grown inside the domes.

In addition, we will meet Joanie’s menagerie of animals, including goats, lambs, bunnies, turkeys, chicks and a pet poodle. We will view the outside garden and learn how all of this is accomplished “off the grid” on five acres of land. There will be something of interest for adults, children, and families. All are welcome.

We will meet in downtown Pagosa Springs at 10 a.m. Saturday, June 13. Call Abby Linzie, 731-6412, to make arrangements for meeting and traveling to the farm.