Two weeks left for Hands-on Art Program

The Hands-on Arts Program for children entering grades one to six runs for three weeks in June and there are two weeks left during which youngsters can participate.

The class is held in the Pagosa Springs Elementary School Art Room. The tuition is $120 per week. Sessions are held Monday through Thursday, June 15-18 and June 22-June 25 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Daily rate is $35. The class limit is 20 students per week. Instructors are Lisa Brown and Tessie Garcia. Both are art teachers in our area and enjoy the infinite possibilities of creating art.

The instructors are introducing a class which merges art and music.

With Lisa, your child will learn about different music styles and types of instruments, and will acquire music appreciation.

Each week, local musicians Harvey Schwartz, Charles Martinez and Alex Tarbet share their knowledge and talents with the class. An evening performance of Native American flute music by Charles Martinez has been scheduled for the Hands-on Arts children and their parents,

In coordination with the music class, Tessie will teach students how to make musical instruments like ocarinas, maracas, drums, rain sticks, kazoos and wind chimes. Students will learn to play the instruments they make.

Also, with Lisa, students will make Navajo chickens, gourd bowls, tunnel books, a Mexican Tree of Life candle holder, and more; with Tessie, your child will have the opportunity to explore and participate in pinhole photography, printmaking, Gyutaku-Japanese fish printing, sun printing, India batik, soft sculpture, paper making, and more.

Students will create art that is inspired by nature, drawing with pencil and pastels, paint with watercolors and make crafts from natural objects.

For the classes, students need to wear comfortable older clothes and they need to bring a snack, water and a lunch.

For information call Lisa at 731-3546 or Tessie at 731-9244 or 769-4212. Hands-on Art Program is sponsored by FolkWest, Inc. and Pagosa Springs Elementary School.