Fuel stolen from county vehicles

Someone out there in Archuleta County has gas — and lots of it.

According to Archuleta County Road and Bridge Superintendent David Guilliams, thieves stole about 100 gallons of diesel fuel Monday night from two county water trucks parked on Trujillo Road near the entrance to the Taylor Canyon Ranch.

Guilliams said the incident occurred between 5:30 p.m. Monday and 7 a.m. Tuesday. The vehicles did not have locking gas caps.

The water trucks along with two motor graders were staged on Trujillo Road to facilitate mag-chloride operations and to eliminate the time and expense of shuttling the vehicles back to the county yard each night.

“It saves time and money to stage equipment near project sites. We try to park equipment near a house so it deters this, but apparently it didn’t help this time,” Guilliams said. “This happens two to three times a year and it’s kind of frustrating.”

Guilliams said the theft set county crews back by about an hour and a half and cost the county about $225 to replace the fuel.

Despite their best efforts to curtail fuel theft, Guilliams said past thieves have been persistent.

“People have cut the locks off motor graders to steal the fuel,” Guilliams said.