Charges pending in stabbing incident

Information continues to trickle in on a double stabbing that occured during a brawl in the parking lot of the Aspen Springs Bar May 23, and it appears law enforcement officers and the district attorney’s office now have sufficient information to pursue charges against two key individuals allegedly linked to the incident.

Deputy District Attorney Alex Lowe said 32-year-old Matt Jones was picked up on an arrest warrant last week. Jones faces charges of criminal mischief as a felony, 3rd degree assault, harassment and menacing.

The charges against Jones stem from an alleged attack on his ex-girlfriend as she attempted to leave the bar with their 10-year-old son.

The district attorney’s office and law enforcement will not release the woman’s name, because they say there are elements of domestic violence linked to the charges against Jones.

In addition to Jones, sheriff’s department detectives are seeking an arrest warrant for Shawna Snarr. Lowe said Snarr faces two felony charges of second degree assault for the alleged stabbing of Jones and 40-year-old Jamie Venturini.

According to sheriff’s department reports, Snarr allegedly stabbed Jones twice in the stomach and Venturini once in the leg during a fight that erupted in the bar’s parking lot.

Archuleta County Sheriff’s Department Det. Rich Valdez said Venturini was stabbed as he attempted to break up the altercation involving Jones, Jones’ former girlfriend and Snarr.

Although details of how events unfolded that evening remain murky, it is widely agreed that real trouble began in the parking lot when Jones attempted to stop his former girlfriend from leaving the bar with the 10-year-old in tow.