Sandy Applegate’s work in exhibit at Denver Botanical Gardens

Art and environment enthusiasts alike have the opportunity to understand extinction through the lens of contemporary art in the exhibition, “Extinction: Artists Respond” at Denver Botanic Gardens’ Gates Garden Court gallery.

Juried by well-known members of Denver’s art community - Simon Zalkind, curator of Singer Gallery (Mizel Arts & Culture Center), and Ivar Zeile, owner/director of Plus Gallery — the exhibition presents works by 17

Colorado artists that address the concepts surrounding extinction of species. Included in the show are literal and metaphorical interpretations of “extinction,” and the resulting feelings of anxiety that are often present as a result of destruction of habitat or sudden annihilation.

Both two-dimensional and three-dimensional works are represented within the exhibit, including paintings, mixed media, works on paper, raku, stone sculpture, assemblage and glass by the following artists: Adam Ambro, Sandy Applegate, Jacintha Clark, Jerry De La Cruz, Andrew Dufford, Naomi Edelberg Janches, Sharon Feder, Veronica Franklin, Ilona Fried, Patti Hallock, Amorette Lana, Lee Lee, Jeff Page, Jerry Rhodes, Regan Rosburg, Dawn Siebel and Robert Spellman.

Four honors will be given: two Juror’s Choice awards, the CEO’s Choice, and the Director’s Choice award.

The show complements a range of programs addressing evolution and/or extinction accompanying the Gardens’ major outdoor exhibit, “Jurassic Gardens: Evolution and Extinction,” which features life-size, realistic dinosaurs from the Cretaceous and Jurassic periods of the Mesozoic Era.

While the extinction of dinosaurs provides a backdrop for this show, conversations about present-day climate change and the destruction of habitat also highlight extinctions happening in our lifetimes.

The exhibition through July 26.

Photo courtesy Sandy Applegate
Work by Pagosa springs artist Sandy Applegate is part of an exhibit at the Denver Botanical Gardens, “Extinction: Artists Respond.”