Mike Valdez Memorial Scholarship awarded to Nathan Trowbridge

The Mike Valdez Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Nathan Trowbridge, in the amount of $1,500, for 2009.

Mike Valdez loved animals, people and ranching. He never met a stranger. He was involved in 4-H in rodeos, and had a full life. He graduated from Pagosa Springs High School in May 2004, then completed two years of college at Mesa State at Grand Junction. Mike was accepted at Holy Cross Energy Co. in Glenwood Springs, to pursue his career as a lineman. Mike especially loved bow hunting, so every year, there is a bow shooting competition held in his memory. This year, the competition will be July 25 at the Hockett residence. So, please come join us; there will be food, music and family fun for all ages.

In his application for the scholarship, Nathan wrote, when asked about his lifetime goals:

“Approximately two years ago, I decided to look into the field of Veterinary Technician training as a means to better educate myself regarding the health and welfare of animals. This training will help me better perform my duties as an Animal Cruelty Investigator when assessing situations, determining the degree of abuse and/or cruelty, and the level of care required for the animal victims. I believe that, unfortunately, this field will only grow, especially with the current economic situation, and the rights of all beings, whether human or animal, deserve to be treated fairly and humanely, no matter what the circumstances.”

Nathan Trowbridge