PSWGA threesome ‘bearly’ finishes round

The Pagosa Springs Women’s Golf Association played a “Count the Holes that Start with ‘T’ and ‘F’” format for their league day, Tuesday, May 12. The ladies played the Pinon, Ponderosa courses with a rating of par 71.

All the participants were to add their scores from Pinon numbers 4 and 5, and Ponderosa numbers 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 (10, 12, 13, 14 and 15), then subtract one-half of their handicap for the total aggregate score for the aforementioned holes.

Kay McKee captured first place with a 32.5; Marilyn Copley was second with a 34; third and fourth places went to Ashley Pfeifle and Carol Barrows, with a 35.5 and 36.5, respectively; and Leslie Fluharty and Cherry O’Donnell tied for fifth, each with a 37.5.

The most startling and surprising incident of the day occurred when the threesome of Cherry O’Donnell, Bonnie Hoover and Sue Martin were at the number 2 Ponderosa hole. Sue had stopped playing, because she wasn’t feeling well, so she was sitting in the cart next to the green. Cherry was standing next to Bonnie who was getting ready to chip her ball onto the green from the rough behind the hole.

All of a sudden, Bonnie looked up and saw that Cherry was making lots of wild gestures, but not saying a thing. Even Sue said, “Cherry’s eyes were as big as saucers.” Bonnie looked up the cart path to where Cherry was pointing and spotted a sizeable, yet very pretty reddish-blonde bear slowly lumbering down the path toward their golf carts, parked next to the green.

Cherry said, “What are we going to do now?” And Bonnie replied, “Whatever you do, don’t run!” So they very gingerly dropped their clubs and slowly made their way to their carts. About that time, one of the maintenance men, Joe Marion, came barreling down the path on his mower yelling, “A bear, a bear, a bear!” Fortunately, Joe had seen the bear ambling across the number 9 Ponderosa fairway, and saw that he was headed toward the number 2 Ponderosa green. Joe’s shouting and the noise of the mower startled the bear, and he cut through the woods to the number 3 Ponderosa fairway.

Although quite shaken, the ladies putted out, and gingerly made their way to the next tee box. Since they couldn’t see the bear, they decided to tee off and play the hole. By the time they reached the green, they turned around and there he was again, lumbering across the fairway and heading back toward the number 2 green. All three gals were concerned about the league players in front and behind them. Fortunately, members of the club staff went out on both courses to warn the ladies.

Cherry, Bonnie and Sue all agreed that the bear encounter “was certainly very exciting, and an experience they’ll never forget.” They also added that the encounter adversely affected their golf games.