San Juan Outdoor Club awards scholarships

Four Pagosa High School graduates have been chosen to receive the 2009 San Juan Outdoor Club scholarship awards. Those selected are Rachel Jensen, Kyrie Ivanovitch, Jacob Haynes, and Kyle Monks. Each winner will receive a $1,000 scholarship.

Rachel Jensen. Rachel has earned highest honors in all her classes and plans to attend Mills College in Oakland, Calif.

Sports are a huge part of Rachel’s life. She ran her first marathon this year and likes to hike, backpack and ski with her family. Rachel earned a varsity letter and was among the top 25 percent of state finishers on the cross-country team.

She has held several leadership positions in Key Club, National Honor Society, Girl Talk, and Recycling Club. She also won the North Star Leadership Award for her participation in Girls on Ice (Glaciology and Leadership Program).

Rachel plans to major in environmental science and would like to research solutions to environmental problems.

Kyrie Ivanovich. Kyrie plans to major in biomedical engineering at Colorado State University and has been accepted to the Hughes Undergraduate Research Program.

Her outdoor activities include hiking, backpacking, snowboarding, and camping. She has been a cheerleader throughout high school and has also participated in track and field.

She has demonstrated her leadership abilities through her participation in the Baylor University High School Summer Science Research Program, Earthwatch Student Challenge Awards Program, and the Continental Divide Washington, D.C., Youth Tour.

After college, she plans to work as a research biologist in order to further, “a more extensive understanding of the world’s diverse ecosystems.”

Jacob Haynes. Jacob will major in aeronautical engineering either at Colorado University or at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

He enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, camping, rafting, kayaking, and telemark, downhill and cross-country skiing. He also plays basketball, volleyball and ultimate Frisbee.

Jacob participates in many school activities and has held offices in Key Club, FBLA, and Pagosa Springs Aviation Venture Crew. His honors include Colorado School of Mines Medal of Achievement in Science and Mathematics, CU High School Honors Institute in Engineering, and Honor Band.

After earning his degree, he wants to work for an aerospace company, designing the airplanes, cars, and wind turbines of the future.

Kyle Monks. Kyle is planning to major in photography at Colorado University. He has a vision to preserve nature through art, recording human impact on the environment.

His outdoor activities include snowboarding, biking, longboarding, hiking, skateboarding, and running. He has also participated in soccer and track.

His awards include the Colorado Division Gold Key Photography Portfolio Winner and awards from the Pagosa Springs Art Council Photography Contest. Music is another area of interest, as he plays the guitar, bass and drums.

With his degree, Kyle wants to become a professional photographer. His skills will help him to capture the beauty of nature and to show the, “consequences of neglecting our environment.”

Kyle Monks Rachel Jensen

Kyrie Ivanovich Jacob Haynes