Cards of Thanks

Bowl For Kids’ Sake

Thanks to all the efforts that went into the Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids Sake. I’m not a bowler and, truth be told, my first frame was a strike, but my total score was 81 so I did remain true to my bowling skills. The music was terrific; many thanks to all of the great talent we are lucky enough to have in this town. I’d like to thank my sponsors: Astara Boutique, Robin King, Pinky Hamilton, Steve Levy, Bonnie and Bob Hite, Ron Gustafson, and Dr. and Mrs. Jones. Beware, next year will be bigger and better as this great program deserves and needs our support.

Tari Woods


The Pagosa Waldorf Initiative would like to thank all of our community members that made the Earth Day planting of the edible hedge, or “fedge,” a great success. We would like to thank Alex Barrows for his permaculture expertise, Chrissy Karas for her master gardener’s supervision, and Christina Knoell for motivating so many organizations to get active for Earth Day. Without the generous donations from Jann and Todd Pitcher, Owen Parker, Chris and Anna Dennis, and Nancy and Darin Haines, the project would not have been possible. Thank you to all of you of this generation represented in the Chinese proverb: One generation plants the trees, and another gets the shade.

Walk a Mile

The third annual Walk A Mile In Their Shoes was again an amazing success. Thank you to everyone who participated anad showed your support for victims of sexual violence. This year we had over 60 walkers participate, making it a record year. I especially want to thank our younger activists who participated and rightfully won the majority of the awards for wearing the most festive shoes. As always, it was a fun walk with great enthusiasm. Thank you to all, and see you next year.

Carmen Hubbs


Kudos and many thanks to our emergency room staff. On March 28, I had a severely dislocated shoulder, the result of a snowmobiling accident on the way to Tucker Ponds. It took about an hour and a half from the time of the injury to get back down to the vehicles and to Pagosa Mountain Hospital. We actually thought my right arm was broken just below the shoulder. The pain was dreadful. The ER team on duty that afternoon began working immediately to get me out of pain. They were trying hard and fast to get needed x-rays and determine the extent of my injury. Things got really complicated when I stopped breathing! Those professionals moved into warp speed and brought me around quickly. I had an unexpected reaction to the pain medication. The next thing I felt was a hard grip on my wrist and no more pain in my shoulder.

Thank you. And, thank you, dear Tom, for never leaving my side. Sorry to have frightened you so.

Glad to be here!

Pam Schoemig

Book Fair

The Spring Book Fair “Lights! Camera! Book Fair! — Reading Makes you a Star!” during mid-April was an outstanding success!! We are thrilled to announce that the gross sales were $7,827.88! These sales translate into a book profit for the school of $4,426. This year, we will take the Book Fair proceeds in books which will allow the library to be stocked with new and exciting reading material for all ages. Look for these books in the fall!

Thank you to all of the students, teachers, parents, relatives and friends who shopped at the Book Fair and for all the excitement about the event. It would be impossible to put on this two-week event without all of our willing and able volunteers. Huge gratitude goes to these 27 individuals who decorated, unpacked and packed boxes, sorted books and staffed the cash register: Jennie Blechman, Kendra Bridges, Stacy Castro, Marianne DeVooght, Ronnie Doctor, Tomi Fredendall, Jean Garcia, Julie Greenly, Lisa Heitz, Lindsey Hoover, Lisl Keuning, Lara Khung, Jessica Lawton, Jan Lewis, Jennifer Lindberg, Blue Lindner, Julie Loar, Linda Miller, Carol Nasralla, Jessica Peart, Jenifer Pitcher, Karen Ross, Kristen Roth, Cathy Strohecker, Gwen Taylor, Vicki Walker, Michelle Zeigler.

Additionally, the school received $150 worth of new books for the library and $125 of resource materials that the librarian will order for the next school year. By hosting two book fairs in one school year, we are entitled to an additional $738 of books that can be taken from the inventory at the fall fair. Thanks to everyone for making this school event star-rated!

Kim Laverty, Debbie Mackey and Lisa Scott

Music Boosters

Pagosa Springs Music Boosters would like to thank our concert goers who came out for our “Raise The Roof” concert with Chris Lawson in support of our college scholarship fund. Thanks also to The SUN, PSHS, The Chamber, Civil Design Team, KWUF and KSUT. Special thanks to all of our volunteer musicians, ?our technicians led by Kayla Hunt, and our “Swingin’ Dancers” — Ami Harbison, Max Miller, Desi Pastin, Ryley Gardner, Jared Burch and Laura Stine —who performed a rousing swing dance number to “In The Mood.”

Dale Morris

Skaters Coalition

The Skaters Coalition for Concrete wishes to gratefully acknowledge everyone who sponsored, donated, volunteered, and participated in the First Annual Wolf Creek Rail Jammer held at the Wolf Creek Ski Area.

Sponsors: Wolf Creek Ski Area, Davey and Rosanne Pitcher and Staff, Ski and Bow Rack, The Outfitter Department Store, Summit Ski and Sports, Degelman’s Red Wagon Grill.

Director/Fund-Raiser — Charlie Hoch. Announcer — Matt Degelman. Judges — Jonathan King and Paul Gemignani. Sweepers — Kermit Herman and Chris Haas. Registration — Ursala Hudson. Final Results: First place — Austin Staton; second place — Kevin Blue; third place — Charlie Hoch.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with various jobs throughout the day and a special thanks to all the participants for supporting the Skaters Coalition for Concrete.