Anniversary - Freddy and Juanita Archuleta

Freddy and Juanita Archuleta celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on April 25. Freddy and Juanita enjoyed a sweet, romantic courtship in 1959; kindled a loving, strong marriage; and created an abundant, ever-growing family together. Seven children led to 56 grand and great-grandchildren. Their loyalty, faithfulness and affection generated a great devotion to each other and to their family. Through their generosity, compassion and acceptance, they have contributed love, guidance and integrity toward all who have had the honor of knowing them.

We would like to extend thanks and gratitude to all who made this celebration possible. We thank everyone who joined in gathering of this monumental event. Thank you, friends and family from Utah, New Mexico, all over Colorado, and as far away as Texas. Thank you to those of you who sent your love and support from afar. Special thanks to Cindy Archuleta for the beautiful new set of wedding bands, and Dennis Martinez for the masterful floral designs. Thank you to Father Carlos of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish. Thank you to the awesome band. Here’s to enduring love and a legendary legacy.