Artifacts from the New Frontier

The Advanced High School Art Students Exhibit, “Artifacts from the New Frontier,” opened April 30, with an artists’ reception in Town Park Gallery. This is a diverse selection of work, with anything from traditional oil paintings to mixed media collages and photography. Most of the students are seniors and a few of them are planning on studying art both in and out of state. Their ideas regarding art have been expanded this year and they found themselves venturing into areas where they are not totally comfortable, and a lot of growth has been seen as a result.

Stop by Town Park Gallery and view the work by Kyle Brookens, Desi Ewing, Jacob Faber, Rachel Jensen, Nichole Kazarinoff, Caleb Pringle and Betsy Schur. The gallery is open Tuesday through Sunday from noon-4 p.m. and the show will run through May 26.

Randall Davis series

The portrait series, led by Randall Davis, will continue on May 16 with perspective and three-quarter view. On May 30, you will draw live model sketches (there will be an extra fee of $8-$10 for the model, depending on the number of students). The class is related to portraits, but general drawing principles of value and perspective will be emphasized and there will be short reviews of previous sessions if needed. If you can’t make all four classes you can still finish the series. The live model class will be especially interesting as we will be doing several posed sketches. The cost for each class is $35 and we ask that you call PSAC at 265-5020 to register.

Beginners II Watercolor

This adult workshop builds on everything you’ve learned in Beginners I and you’ll continue your journey toward creating successful watercolors independently. There are only a few things to buy this time, because you’ll continue to use the supplies you already have. However, in this workshop, you’ll begin to use more interesting materials and advanced techniques. And as always, we promise even more fun as you continue to discover the magic of watercolor.

Mornings will be spent on lessons and exercises concerning shapes, composition and design, further study about value, color and choosing subjects. You’ll learn to lift, scrape, mask and glaze while working with some new paints and things like sponges, salt, saran wrap and waxed paper. Afternoons, Denny and Ginnie will demo and you’ll do a painting using the morning’s lessons. The Beginners II workshop will be held May 18, 19, 20 and 21 at the community center from 9-3:30 p.m. Call 264-5020 to register.

Gallery hours

The PSAC Gallery in Town Park is now on spring/summer hours. We are open Tuesday through Sunday, noon to 4p.m. You can also visit our Web site at for additional information.

Photography Club

The Pagosa Springs Photography Club will meet Wednesday, May 13, in the Arts and Crafts Room of the community center. You are invited to join us for refreshments at 6 p.m. followed by photo critiquing and a business meeting at 6:30

The Pagosa Photo Club is pleased to welcome Bill Proud, an American Southwest landscape photographer, as this month’s guest speaker. Bill will show large art pieces pertinent to the discussion. His topic will be, “Overcoming Ourselves to Making Better Images.” We promise you’ll be entertained and inspired. This program is free and open to all aspiring artists, so please invite your friends and fellow artists.

A monthly photo theme exhibit is held during each club meeting. The two categories are the theme category and the open category where any subject is allowed. This month’s theme is “Shadows.” Members may enter as many as three prints, but no more than two in either category. Tom Peterson will lead a critique of photos which will be conducted as a group rather than by specific judges.

The Photography Club meets the second Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. during the club year, September through May. Interested photography enthusiasts are welcome to attend at no charge for the first meeting. Any and all are invited to join for annual dues of $20 for single individuals and $30 for family membership. For more information, contact Barbara Conkey at or 970-731-6877.

Acoustic Trail, Inc.

Acoustic Trail, Inc is a non-profit corporation founded in 2007. We are committed to celebrating the art of music, cultivating and supporting emerging musicians and encouraging and fostering appreciation for diverse genres of music in the Four Corners region. We believe the arts are a viable part of our culture, one that unifies and inspires people to become more involved in their communities. We are excited to be working as a division of the Pagosa Springs Arts Council. Up to this point we have done house concerts and we are excited to broaden our ideas and projects. Combining the visual arts aspect with musical performances will broaden the arts and culture base of the Pagosa Springs community. We hope to be a hub that links local and emerging musicians and the people who support them.

A summary of our goals: The organization is currently compiling a working list of local and visiting musicians of the Four Corners area to participate in events throughout 2009. When an event is scheduled, the participating musicians will visit local schools or children’s groups for special performances prior to the main event. This interaction will expose many young people to new kinds of music and it is our hope that it will inspire some of them to pick up an instrument.

The organization would like to facilitate in the marketing and promoting of local musicians by aiding in the planning and staging of house concerts, local larger scale performances, workshops and fundraisers.

Long-term goal: to implement a mentoring program that links local musicians with local children and adults interested in learning to play. We would like to secure a location in Pagosa Springs where structured learning sessions can take place. This location would also serve as the office/information hub of Acoustic Trail, Inc. Eventually we would like to raise enough money to purchase instruments or have a program where people may donate instruments that can be used by those who may not be able to afford their own.

Long-term goal: to secure a performance venue that will function as a permanent part of the organization’s infrastructure. This will allow for better networking of local musicians/artists and provide much needed cultural and social enhancement to the Pagosa Springs area.

We have compiled a “wish list” of things that we feel will aid us in the accomplishment of our goals:

• A stage.

• Folding chairs and tables.

• An accountant.

• Additional enthusiastic board members.

• Hosts for house concerts.

• Two-drawer file cabinets.

• Miscellaneous office supplies.

• Vacant space downtown for music/art events.

• Tax Deductible cash donations to Acoustic Trail, Inc. at Citizens Bank.

Workshop calendar

The Pagosa Springs Arts Council sponsors and manages workshops in the Arts and Crafts Room at the community center. From the outset, the Arts Council has been a partner and supporter of the center. Call PSAC at 264-5020 to register for any of the classes and pre-registration is required.

May 16 — Saturday Drawing with Randall Davis, $35.

May 18-21 — Beginners II Watercolor with Denny and Ginnie $195/$220.

June 6 — Beading with Elizabeth Claire Baldwin, $35 plus materials.

June 15-18 — Youth Photo Camp with Wen Saunders.

June 20 — Saturday Drawing with Randall Davis, $35.

June 21-24 — Basket Weaving with Pat Jeffers.

July 16-17 — Pastels with Lorraine Trenholm.

July 18 — Saturday Drawing with Randall Davis, $35.

Aug. 1 — Beading with Elizabeth Claire Baldwin, $35 plus materials.

Aug. 8 — Saturday Drawing with Randall Davis, $35.

Aug. 3-21 — Youth Art Camp with Sabine Baeckmann-Elge.

Aug. 25-26 — Field Journaling for Naturalists with Cynthia Padilla.

Aug. 27-28 — Painting and Drawing from the Masters with Cynthia Padilla.

Sept. 15-17 — Oil Painting with Tom Lockhart.

Sept. 19 — Saturday Drawing with Randall Davis, $35.

Sept. 28 — Poetry Writing with Bonnie Manion/Jeanine Malaney.

Oct. 3 — Beading with Elizabeth Claire Baldwin, $35 plus materials.

Oct. 17 — Saturday Drawing with Randall Davis, $35.

Nov. 21 — Saturday Drawing with Randall Davis, $35.

Dec. 5 — Beading with Elizabeth Claire Baldwin, $35 plus materials.

Dec. 19 — Saturday Drawing with Randall Davis, $35.

Photo courtesy Dale Malaney
High school visual arts teacher Rebekah Wilkins-Pepiton, right, is seen here with her advanced art students, whose work is featured in the current exhibit at the Pagosa Springs Arts Council Gallery at Town Park. From left are Kyle Brookens, Nichole Kazarinoff, Rachel Jensen, Betsy Schur, Jacob Faber and Caleb Pringle.