Evangelists Mikey and Shereen Cheshier at First Assembly of God Church Sunday

First Assembly of God Church invites you to come hear evangelists Mikey and Shereen Cheshier Sunday, May 2.

Mikey Cheshier and his wife, Shereen, are ministers with the Assemblies of God. Mikey lead his first convert to the Lord while on a missions trip to Mexico in 1983. Since that time, literally tens of thousands of people have come to know Jesus Christ through his testimony.

In 1982, Mikey was horribly burned in a gas fire while playing behind his house in Covington, La. At that moment his life was changed forever. Disfigured beyond recognition he spent the next 60 days and more in various hospitals with a simple hope, survival. This hope was assaulted numerous times as Mikey actually died during this time of trial. After skin grafts, a tracheotomy, daily scrubbing of his wounds in bleach, 20-plus surgeries, and a promise from his doctor to never be normal again he was released.

Trial after trial came for this living miracle as he steeled himself to the world’s cruelty. He came to know God’s love more acutely than he thought possible and found rest in his Savior’s care. Mikey was assured he would never be athletic as he was burned internally as well. After winning a scholarship to play college football, bench pressing 470 pounds, leg pressing 1,200 pounds, and climbing Mount Kilamanjaro, those assurances too fell by the wayside. Mikey says, “God knows where I am, what I need, and when I need it,” as a victory chant over all his trials.

In 2002, just two months after being married, Mikey found out he had lymphoma throughout his entire torso. A tumor 22 inches long, 16 inches wide, 8 inches deep, and wrapped around his organs had invaded his person. As he looked at the x-rays it was as if death’s hand rested upon his innards. At once, chemotherapy and radiation treatments were enacted. Those dark days were some of the most trying he had ever known. After three months treatment and losing all his strength, Mikey made a seemingly foolish decision. At the direction of his heart and in faith believing, Mikey pulled himself off of the treatments with the tumor still 99 percent there. God heard his child’s call and saw a heart believing. After two weeks the tumor and cancer was completely gone. Praise be to our God.

Mikey has used these happenings to strengthen the church, reach out to sinners, and give hope to those without it. By the power of God almighty, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and through the work of the Holy Spirit Mikey lives today. Mikey has pioneered many churches overseas. In just 24 months Firewind Ministries financed and pioneered 32 churches to God’s glory. He has preached to crowds of one person and ten thousand.

At the time of writing Mikey lives in Springhill, La., and travels all over the world in service to his Heavenly Father. Some would think this all to be impossible, Mikey says, “The impossible is God’s playground.”

The First Assembly of God Church is located at 110 Trinity Lane — at the top of Putt Hill. Service Time is 10:45 a.m. Please call the church office with any questions, 731-5767.