Police find no evidence of crime at Echo Lake scene

Bloody cloth gardening gloves, miscellaneous McDonald’s condiments and a vague vehicle description are just a few of the clues that had regional law enforcement officers looking for information last week.

According to Archuleta County Sheriff’s Department Detective George Barter, the evidence was collected April 19 after a concerned citizen noticed suspicious activity at Echo Lake.

Barter said the citizen observed a white “muscle car” parked at Echo Lake with an occupant throwing items out the window. The occupant did not exit the car, and the car then left, although the citizen did not get a license plate, make or model of the vehicle.

Curious about the behavior, the citizen went to where the car was parked and surveyed the scene. On the ground, the man found what appeared to be bloodied cloth gardening gloves, a bloody receipt from a Farmington, N.M. McDonald’s, miscellaneous McDonald’s condiments, a bag of piñon nuts, a stud commonly used for body piercing, and a decorative hair piece like a young girl or child might wear.

The receipt indicated items had been purchased at the Farmington McDonald’s at 7:30 a.m. Sunday.

Barter said the bloodied gloves caused the man concern, so he called the sheriff’s department. Barter said a deputy arrived, and after examining the gloves, called for Barter.

Barter arrived later with an evidence technician and processed the evidence.

Although Barter said they collected, catalogued and photographed all the items at the scene, including the vehicle’s tire tracks, and an unspent .22 caliber bullet. Barter said the location of the bullet made it unclear if it was linked to the other evidence.

“We put out a Four Corners alert for any information on criminal activity that might fit the evidence.”

Asked Wednesday if he had received any leads in the case, Barter said, “No, nothing. There is not one thing new. From what I can tell, this may not even be a crime scene. If it is, we treated it as such, so we can assist other agencies with any investigation. As far as we know, there is no crime to go with the evidence and information we collected. There was no body. We canvassed the area, and there was no body.”