It’s not too late to participate in Relay for Life

Relay For Life is coming up June 19 and 20 at Golden Peaks Stadium at the high school

If you haven’t joined a team or if you want to form a team, it isn’t too late. You can contact Dori Blauert at 731-9458 to learn more about how you can participate.

We Relay to raise money to help eradicate Cancer. We walk all night, because Cancer never sleeps. If you or a loved one have ever heard the words, “You have cancer,” you know how frightening that can be.

There is hope, and you can make a difference.

Here is the story of a Pagosan, Trey Lloyd. He was originally diagnosed with leukemia in November of 2005, when he was 4 years old. He received standard treatment of chemotherapy for three years then, in January 2009, he had a recurrence in the central nervous system. Since then, he has had to stay in the Denver area to receive aggressive chemotherapy treatment, which is expected to last about a year and be followed by radiation to the brain at the end of the treatment.

Trey is a beautiful boy, with a personality like no other. He has about 101 different facial expressions. He loves the outdoors like any other child. He also loves riding his four-wheeler at dad’s shop and his 120 snowmobile. His family is at his side. They ask for your prayers, not only for Trey but for the many other children who are affected by cancer.

We at Relay For Life ask for your monetary support to help fight this deadly disease. The Pagosa Springs Community has made a huge difference each year. Please continue to support this cause.

I will be following up with other articles about our neighbors and friends here in Pagosa who want to share their story of their battle with cancer. If you want your story to be included, call Kathi DeClark 731-9920.