Ayriana Rackham recommends fantasy book for early teens

Sixth-grader Ayriana Rose Rackham is an avid reader who is also an outstanding student.

Ayriana came into the world in a rather dramatic fashion 12 years ago when her birth came earlier than expected. To get to the hospital on time, her parents had to drive to Durango in one of Colorado’s worst blizzards. On the way there, their car had a flat tire. Luckily, the daycare lady caring for her brother, Forrest, had alerted an ambulance in Bayfield. It arrived just in time to take the stranded mother-to-be to the hospital, where Ayriana was born two hours later.

Ayriana is an adviser to Meagan’s Place at the Ruby Sisson Library, Meagan’s Place being a special section of the library devoted to books and games of interest to early teens in the sixth through ninth grades. In this 16th in an occasional series of “Pagosa Reads” book reviews, Ayriana writes about a novel called “Ink Heart” by Cornelia Funke. It is hoped that this series will encourage more teens to read and to discuss their favorite books with family and friends.

Here is Ayriana’s book report:

“Ink Heart” is an amazing novel that demands that we laugh and focus on the abstract world. It takes place in the countryside of Italy. A girl of age 12 named Meggie and her father Mo, a talented bookbinder, are swept into adventure by a fire eater Mo had read out of the book “Ink Heart.” When Mo reads out the fire eater, Dustfinger, a sadistic pyromaniac named Capricorn and his henchman, Mo’s wife is swallowed by the book. Now that Capricorn is loose in our world he burns every ‘Ink Heart’ book he can so Mo can’t read him back into the story from whence he came.

“Mo and Meggie travel to her aunt’s house. Elinor is an old lady of 70, a cranky bookworm who hoards books and gets angry if her priceless collections of books are touched. However, she agrees to follow Mo, Meggie and Dustfinger on their journey to find the last “Ink Heart” book so Dustfinger can go home to his world.

“After a series of amazing events, they end up finding out Meggie has her father’s powers to read. They also pick up an Arabian boy named Farid who Mo accidentally read out of ’“Arabian Nights.” Mo is captured by Capricorn but Meggie saves her mother, who had been reread back into our world, and her father from an evil beast with the help of the author of ‘Ink Heart.’

“This is a heart-stopping adventure that is a must read!”