Prepare your Open Class exhibits

The spring snow has just melted and things are bustling in and around the county.

Now is the perfect time to plan and begin the preparations for your Open Class exhibits for the Archuleta County Fair.

If you enjoy canning, painting, brewing wines, beers or spirits, baking, making crafts, snapping pictures, sewing, knitting, crocheting, building home furnishings, doing ceramics, growing flowers, plants, fruits and veggies, cultivating field crops, completing needlework or quilting — then we have a place for your handiwork.

Mark your calendar now for the registration day, Wednesday, July 29, from 1-8 p.m. at the Extension Office.

Beginning in about a month, you can pick up the Fair Rules and Regulations book around town or at the Extension Office. It will also be online about that same time at Show your talent to our community — start today preparing your items for exhibit.

Last call for seed potatoes

The Archuleta County Extension Office is now taking orders for seed potatoes. There will be two kinds available, Sangre (red) and Yukon Gold (white). Currently we are charging 40 cents per pound for both species. Those of you who are just starting out and are experimenting, it is our suggestion that you order two to three pounds of each species instead of ordering a whole lot of them. This way you can experiment and see if you like them and then order more next year. When orders arrive in at the Extension Office each person will be contacted to pick up their order. If you are interested in ordering seed potatoes please call 264-2388, e-mail us at archuleta@ or stop by the Extension Office. Orders should be available the second week of May.


April 23 — 10 a.m., Back to Basics Gardening Class.

April 23 — 6 p.m., Back to Basics Gardening Class.

April 23 — 6 p.m., 4-H Dog Obedience and Agility project meeting.

April 24 — 1:30 p.m., Cloverbuds.

April 24 — 2 p.m., 4-H Photography project meeting.

April 24 — 6 p.m., Leaders Appreciation Dinner.

April 27 — 6 p.m., 4-H Lamb project meeting.

April 28 — 6 p.m., Meat Quality Assurance meeting.

April 29 — 4 p.m., 4-H Sportsfishing project meeting.

April 29 — 5:30 p.m., 4-H Vet Science Project meeting.

Check out our Web page at for calendar events and information.