New members appointed to airport advisory commission

Facing four vacancies, and following county commissioner action April 7, membership on the Archuleta County Airport Advisory Commission (AAC) has been restored to full capacity.

With a unanimous vote, the board of county commissioners agreed to seat James (Buz) Gillentine and Jack Lilly as new members of the advisory commission. In addition, the board agreed to re-seat Jim Carey and Lloyd Goheen for additional three-year terms.

According to airport manager Bill McKown, Gillentine and Lilly will replace out-going commissioners Mike Neder and Mark Weiler, who both indicated they would not seek another term after their current terms expired March 31.

Carey and Goheen were appointed to the AAC last year to complete terms prematurely vacated by Gerard Pearson and Pat Artis. Their terms also expired March 31.

Lilly is a retired San Diego police officer, county resident and longtime pilot. As a member of the local flying club, he owns a helicopter reminiscent of the long-running Mash television series and serves on the Stevens Field fly-in committee. During the winter months, Lilly also clears snow from roads in a subdivision bordering airport property.

Gillentine is a local mortgage broker, member and past president of the Pagosa Springs Rotary Club, and former board member of the Pagosa Area Chamber of Commerce. A 12-year resident of Archuleta County, he has advised the AAC in real estate matters, including through-the-fence operations, for the past six months.

With new members approved, the AAC will choose its officers in the coming weeks.