Check your trailers

One of the most common types of violations observed by State Troopers these days are trailer violations.

Most of us take extra care to keep our cars mechanically sound by having regular oil and fluid changes, brake changes, etc., but relatively few of us, it seems, take the extra time to maintain our boat trailers, horse trailers, travel trailers, and utility trailers the way we maintain our cars.

Far too many trailers being pulled down our highways have one or both tail lights burned out, poor tires, turn signals that don’t work, corroded electrical connections, inadequate brakes, or no safety chains.

These are important safety items that ensure you’ll be able tow your load safely down the road, be seen by other drivers, or stop quickly in an emergency situation.

If you own a trailer, walk around it every now and then and check its overall condition.

Troopers are always on the lookout for unsafe vehicles, including trailers, so take a few minutes of time to ensure your trailer is safe and complies with the law.

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