Cards of Thanks

Frey fund-raiser

I would like to say thanks to McDonald’s, Design a Sign, Boss Hogg’s, City Market, Pagosa Brewing Co., Wolf Creek Communications, Bear Creek, P.R.E.C.O Plumbing, JJ’s Riverwalk, Community United Methodist Church and everyone who supported my event along with Doug and Trish Burkholder, Danny and Shana Miller, Jordin Frey and my Mom.

 Thank you again,

 Liam Frey


Horses did not create our current economic problems and they will most certainly not fix them. However, they do have to survive them. They can only do this with our help. In this economic environment, it is difficult to allocate a portion of your financial assets to the care of horses. But some people are doing it!

LASSO held its annual fund raiser on March 21. Thanks to the continuing generosity of many horse lovers in this community, enough money was raised to allow us to feed the “rescue horses” for the next few months.

LASSO would like to specifically thank Eva Iwicki and Barbara Tsoni of PLPOA for their help in securing and decorating the venue; Joanne Irons, the wonderful Junior Rotarians and Chef Matt Degelman for the food; Drs. Jim and Patty Latham for speaking at the event and for all of their medical assistance throughout the year; Chris Crump for speaking and for caring about horses and other animals; Country Heat for their terrific music; and all of the generous attendees and contributors. We would also like to thank Peggy Ellis, Janet Richardson, John and Dana Grosvenor, Lyn Rogers, Nancy and Bill Crouse, Jim Hitchcox, Tifany Perkins and Hope and Marilyn Ayers for their support of our horses all during the year. Finally, all of our horses want to thank DiAnn Hitchcox for her unwavering devotion and tireless efforts on their behalf.

Thanks to all of you!

Dave Richardson

Martinez benefit

To all the people that made the benefit bake sale for Tina Martinez a success. Thank you to those that baked, those that bought and those that donated. It was all greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.


Sophie Jacobson, Danny Moats, Josh Yager, Jennie Gallegos, Mariano and Violet Echavarria

Hearts for Horses

LASSO wishes to thank all who made this year’s Hearts for Horses Benefit a way to continue supporting our rescue horses and all the great programs they are a vital part of. A special thanks to our dinner guests, speakers Patty Latham and Chris Crump, all the wonderful volunteers, Dave and Janet Richardson, Joanne Irons, the Junior Rotarians, chef Matt Degelman, and the following contributors who made the entire event possible: Navajo Trails Rental, Colorado Dream Homes, Pagosa Liquor, Ole Miners Steakhouse, Eagle Mountain Mercantile, Art and Framing Center, Ponderosa, Mountain Spirits, Sarah Kornhaber, Be Our Guest B&B, PLPOA staff, Barbara Tsoni, Eva Iwicki, Diana Kenyon, Home Again, Boothill, Claude Steelman, Treva Wheeless, Goodman’s, Linda Putman, Gillian Wallace, Richard Wolfe, Doug Shelton, Lyn McCrudden, Charlene Short, Marlene Meiners, Liz Anderson, Treva Wheeless, Jeef Grovhoug, Ellen Wadley, Terry’s Ace Hardware, Summit Sports, Overlook, Plaid Pony, Victoria’s, The Hideout, Elizabeth Young, Pagosa Golf Course, Jack Lilly, Rhayne Storme, Bill Hampton, Boss Hogg’s, Terry Wilson, Elk Park Animal Hospital. Many, many thanks!