Pagosa Lakes swim team holds swim gear sale

The Pagosa Lakes Porpoises Swim Team will hold its swim gear sale at ReSport starting Saturday, April 11, and running through Saturday, April 18.

Every season, the team brings in jammers and swimwear for sale, along with swim accessories, to help raise funds for the team.

This year, ReSport owners Crista Munro and Ronda Higby have generously offered to sell the merchandise to the public in their store, located on the south side of the uptown City Market Shopping Center. Store hours are from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

The Pagosa Lakes Porpoises train at the PLPOA Recreation Center on Park Avenue. New swimmers are always welcome to “try out” for a week to see if they would like to join the team. Not all swimmers choose to compete, but the option is there. Swimmers range in age from 6 to 17 and include both boys and girls. Since Pagosa Springs currently does not have a high school swim team, some of the high school students train with the Porpoise Coach Steve Williams two days a week, then travel to train and compete with Durango High School.

The team has grown over the years and Assistant Coach Marky Egan traditionally trains the younger swimmers. Swimming is a great sport that stays with you forever. It also encourages you to do your personal best, even when not swimming competitively.

To swim at the rec center you must be a PLPOA resident and pay the yearly membership, or be sponsored if you live outside the Lakes area. Practices are currently after school from 4:15 to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, with morning practices once school gets out for summer.

Swimmers can join any time and the cost, beside the initial membership, is $30 a month with a discount for the second swimmer in the family. Meets are held on weekends all around the state with an emphasis on staying in the immediate area. There is a nominal cost to enter an event.

If you would like to visit the team or talk to a coach, call Steve Williams at 903-1432 or Marky Egan at 946-9274.

Visit ReSport to see the swim-related items as well as T-shirts and other fun items, the sale of which will benefit the Pagosa Lakes Porpoises. For directions, call 731-6900.