Seeds of Learning — where the arts thrive

Artists … what were they like as kids?

Did they doodle on every available piece of paper? Did they stack blocks by color or all mixed together? Did they color within the lines or let their crayons run wild?

Art has had an impact on the lives of creative people, as well as on the lives of those of us who appreciate their talent.

Having access to, and participating in, arts and crafts helps a young child develop qualities such as perseverance, planning, concentration and expression of emotions. It stimulates creativity and encourages imagination. Completing projects enriches a child’s self image.

At Seeds of Learning Early Care and Education Center, arts and crafts also provide an opportunity for children to build motor skills and improve their overall learning potential. However, this opportunity also requires supplies. Seeds must provide crayons, paper, glue, scissors and even sunscreen, toothpaste to brush little teeth and gloves to keep things sanitary. The cost to supply one of three classrooms is $3200 per year.

At the “One Big Family” event, guests will have an opportunity to make donations directly to the arts and crafts program. As a supporter of art education you can donate to”“Creative Consumables for Kids” at any level you are comfortable with.

Plan to attend this year’s Seeds of Learning unique fund-raising event on April 18, at 5:30 p.m. A family-style dinner will be provided and there will be a cash bar.

The children who attend Seeds of Learning will provide “Very Little Entertainment.” The silent auction will include a variety of themed table settings and a few surprise items as well.

Tickets are $35 and can be purchased at Seeds of Learning, Switchback Mountain Wear and the Chamber of Commerce. Join us for a very “artful” evening.

Photo courtesy Ann Bubb
Three budding artists, with encouragement from their teacher, create the decorations for Seeds of Learning’s “One Big Family” to be held April 18 at the Pagosa Springs Community Center.