Congregation Kadima Yisrael to celebrate the Seder

Passover is one of my favorite holidays! It is time to gather with friends, recognize how fortunate we are and remember those less fortunate. It is a time to share special, and symbolic, foods, followed by a feast.

This year Congregation Kadima Yisrael will celebrate the Seder on Saturday, April 11, at 6:30 p.m. Through the kindness and generosity of the Methodist Church congregation, we will celebrate at their church.

We will tell the story of the Exodus. This is a fantastic story filled with villains, heroes, oppression and slavery. It is a story with a sad beginning, but as it continues, we find freedom, redemption and hope for the future.

Every year we tell the story, so all our children will know and remember that we have not always been free. By comparison, we can recognize the good fortune and abundance we enjoy here and now.

The Seder, which means “order,” is a ritual meal that includes matzah, charoset, bitter herbs, eggs, fruit of the vine. Each element has a symbolic connection to our story that is incorporated into the telling.

We have songs of celebration and songs of hope. We have questions to ask, answers given and a dialogue with all participants regarding freedom and its meaning.

In a spirit of freedom and abundance, Congregation Kadima Yisrael invites anyone who wishes to participate. We invite anyone who hungers, for food, yes, but also those who hunger for knowledge and a community celebration.

Call Carol at 264-0805 or Michelle at 903-1213 so we can set a place for you at our seder table.