Work by Maureen May in ‘Portraits’ at SHY RABBIT

SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts continues “PORTRAITS” through April 18, featuring a wide selection of”‘outside of the box” portraiture works by: D. Michael Coffee, Colorado; Sarah Comerford, Colorado; Mike Frick, Arizona; Shaun Martin, Colorado; and Maureen May, Colorado.

“PORTRAITS” also features “From the Photo”, a special project comprised of photography, paintings and mixed media collage creatively assembled by Ivy King and Karl Isberg, of Colorado.

SHY RABBIT proudly introduces the skillfully crafted work of Durango artist, Maureen May, to a new audience in “PORTRAITS”. Featured works include “Having a Talk with Myself’ and’“Studying the Details”, both mixed media series; and “Going There,” a stunning ink on Plexiglas installation that measures an impressive 9 feet wide by 4 1/2 feet high.

“Portraits have been an integral element of my art discipline since I was in high school, where my classmates would model for me while I practiced my drawing skills,”states May.

“Since then I have created probably a few hundred portraits, most of them done during my years in“art school and in my booth at music festivals and Renaissance fairs throughout the 10 years or so after I graduated,” May continues.  “Self-portraits have always been a part of my repertoire.

“When I was growing up, I was an outsider among my peers, as many artists tend to be, and I tried very hard to be someone who would fit in.  Almost 20 years ago I started creating portraits in which I would dissect the figure, in essence breaking down the puzzle pieces of the human body and psyche. 

“I did this mostly in response to my younger years, where my different way of seeing the world was not readily accepted.  I convinced myself to take a longer look at the pieces of my own being and feel comfortable embracing all parts of my life and myself. It also allowed me an in-depth study of the human figure.”

“PORTRAITS” features several of May’s studies, which in the case of her “Sensing” series are aptly titled: “Intuition,” “Smell,” “Sight,” “Touch,” “Taste” and “Hearing.”

“I like to use the ink on Plexiglas medium as representative of a window through which I am asking the viewer to see more than what is on the surface,” May comments.

“All humans carry around with them many stories, but so few of them come to light to the casual observer.  In my artwork, I am inviting the viewer to join me on a deeper exploration into what makes all of us unique.”

SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts is located at 333 Bastille Drive, two blocks north of U.S. 160, off of North Pagosa Boulevard.  The 4,000 square-foot arts facility houses a ceramic studio and fine art gallery, two mixed-media workshops, and two large exhibition spaces.

SHY RABBIT gallery hours are Thursday through Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., or by appointment.

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Photo courtesy SHY RABBIT
“PORTRAITS” continues at SHY RABBIT through April 18, featuring unique works by: D. Michael Coffee, Sarah Comerford, Mike Frick, Shaun Martin and Maureen May; along with “From the Photo,” a special project by Ivy King and Karl Isberg. Maureen May’s stunning installation “Going There” measures 9x4 feet and is skillfully crafted of ink on Plexiglas panels.