‘One Big Family’ dinner and silent auction

In two weeks, on April 18, Seeds of Learning Early Care and Education Center will host “One Big Family” dinner and silent auction.

What does “One Big Family” mean?

It implies showing support and providing for each other. It evokes feelings of sharing and knowing someone cares. It means celebrating the good times and sticking together through the tough times.

The tough times are here. Grants that have provided needed funding for Seeds of Learning are shrinking or disappearing. Yet it still costs $50 per day, per child, to have qualified teachers and warm classrooms. Forty-eight of the 58 students currently enrolled are at-risk children that pay $26 per day to attend. That leaves a deficit of $24 per day, per child, which translates into $282,240 per year that must be supplied through individual donations and dwindling grants.

So this year, in addition to bidding in the silent auction, guests will be given the opportunity to support “Tuition for Tots” and directly help a child through tuition assistance. Tuition assistance for a year, six months or even one month will directly impact the life of a local child.

Pagosa benefits because research shows communities that have quality early education centers, like Seeds of Learning, experience lower crime rates and less delinquent behavior in children. As a result, businesses are attracted to our community, supplying a greater job base and raising the standard of living.

“One Big Family,” an adult evening, will include “Very Little Entertainment” provided by the children of Seeds, a silent auction of themed table settings as well as a variety of surprise items, family-style dinner and cash bar.

Tickets for this unique event are $35 and can be purchased at Seeds of Learning, Chamber of Commerce and Switchback Mountain Wear. Join us — you’ll have a great time while becoming a part of the solution for educating our local tots.

Photo courtesy Ann Bubb
It may look like fun, but there is a lot of education going on at Seeds of Learning. Seeds of Learning Early Care and Education Center will host “One Big Family” dinner and silent auction April 18 as part of its ongoing effort to provide quality early education opportunities.