Dear Editor:

American Legion Post 108 in Pagosa Springs is trying to compile a list of recent veterans (military service post 9/11 in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Persian Gulf, and the general Global War on Terror) that are currently living in Archuleta County so that we can honor them at some an upcoming veterans’ event.

If a resident served during this period, we ask them to please contact Jim Huffman at 731-9257 so that he can add their name to the list. If you get the recorder when you call, please speak slowly and clearly when leaving your name and phone number, as he is audiologically challenged and has trouble understanding messages. The list will not be provided to any other organization and will not be used for any solicitation or commercial purposes.

Roger Behr

Post Commander


Dear Editor:

To all citizens of Archuleta County:

Archuleta County Republicans are alive and well. Just ask the Archuleta County Republican Women’s Club (ACRW). Our Lincoln Day Luncheon in February was well attended. Our March social event was a great success. Our monthly meetings are attracting new members. We invite speakers at the local and state level as guest speakers and hope to take a lead in influencing the outcome of Colorado legislation and elections in concert with the Colorado Federation of Republican Womens’ Clubs of which we are a member. If you believe in personal responsibility, if you believe in fiscal conservatism, if you believe that government that governs least, governs best, then you have found a home with the Archuleta County Republican Women. If you would like to become a part of this conservative movement, we urge you to come and join us in reestablishing Republican values in our nation. Our next meeting is Tuesday, April 14 at noon at Boss Hoggs. We invite you to come and join us.


Linda Bunney


Archuleta County Republican Women


Dear Editor:

Even though we are all cutting back a little I still applaud the effort to raise money to operate the spectacular Pinon Lake Fountain. Locals and visitors enjoy watching it. It serves as an excellent landmark for those of us giving directions from the Chamber’s Visitors Center.

Jim Carson

Fountain II

Dear Editor:

I want to express my sincerest thank you to Gary Gray, president of the Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association, for all his selfless efforts towards the “Save the Piñon Lake Fountain” initiative.

When Gary made his presentation regarding this initiative to the Board of Directors of the Pagosa Springs Arts Council on Feb. 24, our board did not hesitate to place their support behind this grassroots community fund-raising effort.

Long before I ever moved to Pagosa Springs, on my many vacation visits to the area, I remember gazing at the fountain in quiet awe with the majesty of Pagosa Peak piercing the background. Such a striking and inspiring view from U.S.160! I am pleased that the Pagosa Springs Arts Council, one of whose goals is to encourage and support the continued appreciation and preservation of the aesthetic beauty of Pagosa Springs, is involved in this effort that will ensure the fountain’s mid-term operation. I know that Gary’s fund-raising success will be most appreciated by the citizens and visitors of our community.

Linda Echterhoff

Exchange student

Dear Editor:

My name is Liam Frey, I am 14 years old, and I am the exchange student for the Pagosa Springs Morning Rotary Club for 2009. I attended a competition in Grand Junction and decided if I were chosen I would like to go to Romania. Romania appealed to me for several reasons. One being, that I would be able to learn the culture, and the history. Secondly, I could represent Pagosa Springs in a different climate. Romania also appealed to me because of the athletic opportunities. From a young age you are told stories of Dracula and the vampires of Transylvania, well this is a real life opportunity to live in a legendary region of the world, and to study the culture and the ways of the people in this region. This is truly one of the best opportunities that are possible in the world today and I truly encourage anybody with this once in a life time opportunity to take it and run with it and don’t look back.

As a Rotary Youth Exchange student, I will spend one year with a few host families while attending school in Romania. I will be an ambassador, teaching people I meet about our country, culture and ideas. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring the world closer.

In order for me to participate in this extraordinary program I am in need of the community’s support for some upcoming fund-raisers that community leaders are helping me with. These fund-raisers will be ongoing through the spring and summer.

My goal is to raise $4,500, which is the cost for me participating as an exchange student. With community support I feel certain I can obtain this goal through fund-raising activities: April 5, 7:30-11:30 a.m., Methodist Church on Lewis Street, Pancake Breakfast — all-you-can-eat pancakes only $5 per person; April 25 — Car Wash at Jann Pitcher Realty.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Liam Frey

‘Tea Party’

Dear Editor:

We have had the good fortune to be able to join many other towns and cities in the country in holding a “Tea Party” on April 15 (tax day). Victoria’s Parlor has been made availabe to us for all Archuleta County citizens, regardless of political affiliation, who are concerned about the tax and spend policies of President Obama and his administration.

We will have the Parlor on April 15 from 3-5 p.m.

Please note on your calendars and make time to stop in, have some refreshments and sign a petition expressing our concerns.

Barbara Rawlings

ACRW president

Big trouble

Dear Editor:

My Arboles buddy, the old wizened “trog,” Bob Dungan, has spoken. However, he doesn’t realize that there is no security, no assurance, that just because he’s hooked on reading something “semi-intelligible” from my typewriter over many years, that I will do it again.

Actually, every time I start ta pound, I wonder how I ever did it before. Jist goes ta show; there is no security on this earth — only opportunity.

Something sage and “intelligible:” LBJ declared “War on Poverty” — and lost. Now Obama has declared war on capitalism — and is winning! Which kinda proves that the only thing dumber than a politician is an uninformed voter.

Could it possibly be that those who voted for the nanny state, currently undergoing steroidal growth under Obama’s benevolent dictatorship, are about to learn who “Big Brother” really is. Unfortunately, so are the rest of us.

The Democratic Party has been hijacked by a bunch of tree-hugging, big spending, Christian-bashing, Second Amendment-hating, socialist psychopaths, with Obama as their King and Nancy “Botox” Pelosi as their Queen, with help in the Senate from Harry “The Retard” Reid.

We is in big trouble, “trog.”

Jim Sawicki