‘PORTRAITS’ at SHY RABBIT, features Shaun Martin

SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts continues “PORTRAITS” through April 18, featuring a wide selection of highly original portraiture works by: D. Michael Coffee, Colorado; Sarah Comerford, Colorado; Mike Frick, Arizona; Shaun Martin, Colorado; and Maureen May, Colorado.

“PORTRAITS” also features “From the Photo”, a special project comprised of photography, paintings and mixed media collage by Ivy King and Karl Isberg, of Colorado.

This eclectic exhibition includes two distinctive works by Pagosa Springs’ artist, Shaun Martin, a regularly featured artist at SHY RABBIT. These compelling paintings on canvas measure five feet square, and are mysteriously titled, “She said the money would be here”, and “Well, I know how you like surprises.”

“My intention in making these large portraits intimate and close-up was to omit details,” states Martin. “ I wanted to reveal this moment of discovery between two characters without any real frame of reference.

“I like the idea of dropping the viewer right in the middle of a story where the plot has just turned unexpectedly. What is the nature of their relationship? How much money was he expecting? Where is the cash now? Was justice served? Maybe a double cross,” Martin continues.

“All we’re left with is this moment of realization on the man’s face and a vague smile on hers. We are right there with them. You can feel two totally different emotions happening simultaneously. It begs for answers.”

Martin hopes that viewers interact with the storyline, that they are compelled to fill in the gaps, and that they challenge their own perceptions. His intention is for viewers to be creative with their own interpretations.

SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts is located at 333 Bastille Drive, two blocks north of U.S. 160, off of North Pagosa Boulevard.  The 4,000 square-foot arts facility houses a ceramic studio and fine art gallery, two mixed-media workshops, and two large exhibition spaces.

SHY RABBIT gallery hours are Thursday through Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., or by appointment.

For more information on SHY RABBIT, visit www.shyrabbit.com or call 731-2766.

For more information on exhibitions, visit www.shyrabbit.com/Exhibits.html.

Photo courtesy SHY RABBIT
“PORTRAITS” continues at SHY RABBIT through April 18, featuring unique works by: D. Michael Coffee, Sarah Comerford, Mike Frick, Shaun Martin, Maureen May; displayed with “From the Photo,” a special project by Ivy King and Karl Isberg. One of two large paintings by Pagosa artist Shaun Martin, this piece is mysteriously titled, “She said the money would be here.”