Costuming a show, a major task

Costuming any production is an integral part of the show. 

Costuming a big musical with more than 40 cast members is a challenging and monumental task. 

Josie Snow, a junior at Pagosa Springs High School, is the costumer for the school’s spring musical, “West Side Story,” by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim. 

She has been mentored and guided through the process by veteran theater producer Julie Reardon.  Each cast member has no less than two costume changes, which adds up to about 100 separate costumes for the show.  The high school performing arts program partners with and is supported by the Pagosa Springs Music Boosters, which houses a large library of costumes and accessories that they loan to the production.  Most costumes come from both the high school and Music Boosters collections built up over the years; some new costumes are constructed and sewn.  The program works to recycle costumes from previous productions both for sustainability and to reduce production costs. 

This is Josie’s first time working costumes for a show; she can usually be found in the pit with the other orchestra musicians.  She says that the job is “challenging,” and we are all grateful and proud of her work with “West Side Story.” The musical plays mid-April at the high school.

Photo courtesy Dale Morris
Josie Snow, Robert Neel and Julie Reardon, left to right, work on Robert’s costume for his part as Riff in the upcoming Pagosa Springs High School production of “West Side Story.”