Officers elected for Archuleta County Republican Central Committee

Last month, new officers were elected by the Archuleta County Republican Central Committee to serve for a two-year term.

Those officers took office on Wednesday, March 18. Then on Friday, March 20, the officers attended the “Blueprint for tomorrow, en-route to a Republican Revolution,” a Colorado Republicans banquet where the newly-elected Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele shared his vision and strategies with Colorado Republicans.

The following day, Saturday, March 21, the Archuleta County officers attended the following Colorado Republican organizational meetings: 1) State Central Committee; 2) 3rd Congressional District Central Committee; 3) 59th State House District; 4) 6th State Senatorial District; and 5) 6th State Judicial District.

Election results from those Republican organizational meetings for officers included; Robin Schiro being elected by the 3rd Congressional District Republican Central Committee to be their representative to the Colorado State Republican Executive Committee; Ray Keyawa being elected by the 59th State House District Central Committee as their vice-chairman; and Keyawa, Mojie Adler and Schiro all being elected as officers for the 6th Judicial District Central Committee, chairman, vice-chairman and secretary, respectively.

Photo courtesy Mojie Adler
Newly-elected officers of the Archuleta County Republican Central Committee are, from left, John Bozek, treasurer; Robin Schiro, chairman; Mojie Adler, secretary; and Ray Keyawa, vice-chairman.