Cards of Thanks


The dedication of Pagosa Fire Protection District’s (PFPD) Station 7 in Chromo last Saturday marked the end of a three-year odyssey for me and many others in the area. While I want to thank the entire community, I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to thank some of the people who helped make this project a success. The following list is not all inclusive, as I’m sure I’ll miss somebody, nor is it in any priority order. Many thanks to:

The initial South 84 Committee — Lesli Allison, Dave Blake, Ben Douglas, Jeff Grovhough, Jim Hogan, Joe Lee and Roy Torres.

The Schutz family for lending the memory of Harold to help raise funds for the fire station with the Harold Schutz Memorial Golf Tournament and for their overall commitment and support of this project. And to all the sponsors, contributors, players and volunteers who made the golf tournament successful.

To the 117 contributors who generously donated money to the cause; led by Banded Peaks Ranch who provided the initial donation and challenged other contributors to match their donation.

The initial volunteer firefighters — Lesli Allison, Dave Blake, Jim Knoblauch and Dennis Schutz, who spent two nights a week and every other Saturday with me at the PFPD for four months getting trained and responding as volunteer firefighters when we didn’t even know for sure if we would have a fire station; and the firefighters who have since volunteered: Dana Goldberg, Marvin Graham, Bob Nash, Bill Thomas and Sylvia Thompson.

The PFPD’s chief, officers and board of directors, past and present. To Warren Grams, the “old” chief and the previous board led by Dick Mosely for providing encouragement, guidance and support to get this project off the ground, planned and approved. To Chief Ron Thompson and the current board led by Ron Maez for their support and efforts in turning a plan into a fire station. To Duwane Ramey for the many Monday evenings he spent in Chromo with his persistence and patience to get the South 84 volunteers trained. To Manny Trujillo for guidance, support and providing the initial fire apparatus for Station 7. To Diane Bower for support at the hearing and various BOD meetings, managing the election, and support in obtaining the DoLA grant that provided the final funding requirements for the station. To Priscilla Roberts for her help in so many ways. To Will for putting our fire trucks back together after we broke them, Mike Fryer for the initial building design, and Marvin Graham who was the project manager for the construction of the new fire station for the fire district.

Peter Gonzalez, Sheriff, and John Weiss, Undersheriff, for their advice and support. Bob Campbell, Greg Schulte, and the BoCC, chaired by Bob Moomaw, for their support of the new fire station and flexibility in leasing the district the land for Station 7. The USJHSD, especially Dave Bronson and my fellow EMTs, for being supportive, understanding and allowing me the time, by shifting schedules and covering shifts, to attend meetings, work sessions and other functions necessary to get this project to completion.

Lastly, I would like to thank my wife, Diane, who in addition to her unbending support, tolerated not one, but two fire trucks in our barn for two winters; late nights for trainings; fire calls at all hours of the day and night; keeping the driveway plowed “just in case;” floods in the barn from a leaking valve or pump on one of the trucks; stoking the fire in the wood stove in the barn in the middle of winter when the gas heater was broken; managing fund-raisers; making sure the lights were on for late night calls; worrying about the firefighters when they were called into harm’s way; and being an all around general good sport and partner.

Thanks again to all who contributed, participated, helped and prodded. And if perchance I missed mentioning your contribution, it’s not because it was not appreciated but because this old brain isn’t what it used to be.

Joe Bigley