Time for some spring cleaning around the area

Even though there are still piles of dirty snow all over, it’s time to be thinking of spring.

The smell of spring is in the air and wherever the snow has melted, hints of new growth are pushing out of dormancy into life. It’s all happening fast, and very soon the crocuses and daffodils alongside the front walkway of the recreation center will lend fragrance and color the landscape. I’m stoked.

Other not-so-beautiful things are also blooming this time of year.


It’s everywhere you look and in increasing quantities — construction debris, fast food containers, beer and pop cans, cigarette butts — mostly left by slobs. Unfortunately, the litterbugs are not out there picking up after themselves. It’s the folks who care about the environment — they are the volunteers who are cleaning up our roadways (either with a group or as individuals).

Swimmers from the Pagosa Lakes Swim Club will be out tomorrow afternoon cleaning in the Pagosa Lakes core area and along Vista Boulevard. Stop and thank them for their good work if you see them. Since it is all still soft and muddy, the swimmers have been asked to wear their grubby clothes and shoes. But, with all these beautiful warm days, the ground will soon firm up.

Perhaps you’ve noticed the Adopt-A-Street signs posted in some of our neighborhoods. This program allows people to adopt a section of road and help keep it litter free. There is already a core group of property owners who are a part of the program. They have taken responsibility to help keep our community clean. If you would like to help them, or adopt a section of a street of your own, please contact Larry Lynch at the PLPOA office at 731-5635, Ext. 4. The association will supply you with bags, pick-up tools and, if you wish, put your name on a sign for your adopted stretch of street. We will also pick up and dispose of the full bags along the road if you let us know where they are located.

The association thanks the following volunteers for participating in the Adopt-A-Street program: the Brinkmann family; Bart and Erika Cox; Jim and Eva Iwicki; Dave and Fran Bohl; Mojie Adler; the Dermody family; Bruce and Nettie Trenk; John and Terri Hoehn; David and Margie Lucero; Jean Carson; Bill and Jean Bechtolds; Laren Traver; Jim Cole; Ed Funk; Jim and Dagmar Huffman; Jack and Lynn Delange; Joseph and Guadalupe Rivas; Joe Donovan; Joe and Debbie Hannigan; the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship; surrealcolorado.com; and the Archuleta County Democrats.

Some homeowners have already taken the initiative to clean up around their property. That helps to set the “tone” for the immediate neighborhood. Thanks for caring. and I hope you will continue to pick up and clean up whenever you are outside, puttering in the yard, taking your dog for a walk or catching some fresh air.