Education Center offering help with hiring employees

If you are a business owner, director, administrator or manager who has hired employees, you understand the challenges of finding competent people who possess the skills necessary to be successfully trained for a position.

Have you ever hired a person just to find out after several weeks that the new hire doesn’t possess the skills necessary to perform the job? Do you currently have employees who could use some additional training to prepare them for future promotions? Have you ever stared blankly at the job application of a potential candidate and wonder if he/she has what it takes to learn the duties of the position? How do you know if the job candidate who holds a high school diploma actually has good reading, writing, and math skills? You probably don’t know.

Training costs and the expenses associated with employee turnover can be reduced through the help of programming being offered by the Archuleta County Education Center. WorkKeys, developed by the ACT corporation, is designed to help with the screening and subsequent hiring of new employees by providing evidence of the candidate’s real world skills in subjects like reading, writing, math, listening, observation, teamwork, locating information, and applied technology. WorkKeys is also used as a tool to assess current employees for making promotions and targeting employee training and development needs.

The WorkKeys assessment is being used extensively around the United States by business, governmental agencies, non-profits, and other organizations to help reduce employee training and turnover costs. Increased productivity has been another positive outcome. There are many case studies that attest to the reduction in employee turnover, training costs, and costly employee errors. One such case involves CME automotive, an automotive supplier in Indiana. CME requires all job applicants to meet the minimum standard in all relevant WorkKeys tests for hiring and promotion consideration. Within two years of implementing the WorkKeys program, CME benefited by reducing employee turnover from 20 percent to 6.6 percent, increased supervisory satisfaction, and found that new employees were “up to speed” more quickly.

To supplement the WorkKeys program, The Education Center is also offering the Worldwide Interactive Network (WIN) for remediation of foundational and personal skills that are found to be deficient in potential new hires or current employees.

The Ed Center offers cost-effective computer access, Internet access, curriculum, and tutorial support to help bridge skill gaps that have been identified by the WorkKeys assessment.

For more information on how the Ed Center can help your organization or business with these new offerings, call or drop by the Education Center and speak with Renee Haywood, Lynell Wiggers or Doug Bowen.