Airport Advisory Commission to consider committee for five-year economic plan

The Archuleta County Airport Advisory Commission will meet at 3 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 19, in the Airport Conference Room, 777 County Road 600 to consider the following agenda items.

Minutes of Jan. 15, 2009, meeting — approval by AAC.

Old Business.

New Business:

• Establishment of working committee to create a five-year economic development plan with selection of members for individual duties.

• Progress reports from designated committee members.

Reports and updates:

• BoCC report.

• Airport manager’s report and updates – Bill McKown

• ALP-19 update — Runway Fog Seal.

• Facelift for airport Web site.

• New business opportunity.

• FBO report –– Bob Goubitz.

• Other.

Airport Marketing:

• Diedra Fortier — update on May 16 Fly-in.

Other Business.

Public comments/questions.

Administrative items.

Time, date and location of next AAC Meeting –– March 19, 2009.

• Adjourn.