All Community Art Contest winners announced

Members of the Pagosa Artisans’ Co-op want to thank all who participated in its first All Community Art Contest. The winners received gifts from local businesses and all participants received a gift from the Co-op.

Elementary school-age artists, first through fourth grades, attended the first reception for the All Community Art Contest. Thirty exceptional art entries were submitted by the young artists. Several sold their first piece of art.

The winners for the first and second grades are: first place, Marni McQuiggin; second place, Elsa Lindner; and third place, Danielle Roberts.

The winners for the third and fourth grades are: first place, Julianna Elge; second place, McKayla Miller; third place,  Michelle Hutcherson.

The goal of the Co-op is to support and encourage the young artists of Pagosa. We want to thank the teachers, parents and grandparents who attended the reception and supported the art contest.

Julianna Elge, first place winner for her “Summer Garden and Friend,” a watercolor collage, was on hand for an interview. Julianna is 8 years old and has been painting since she was 3. She works with her mother, who is also an artist. Julianna loves to paint eagles and says that she gets her inspiration from the bald eagles who are sighted in John Graves’ back yard. She paints on rocks and also draws cartoons.

Another young budding artist is Danielle Roberts, third place winner, who submitted two coffee mugs which she painted for her Nana and Papa. Danielle is the granddaughter of Rick and Jodie Unger, a Pagosa artist. Danielle has worked with her granddad in his studio and has apparently done some serious painting with orange paint on one of his pieces. All is forgiven — after all, she is an artist. Danielle’s grandmother says, “We are hoping to channel some of her energy into art and her granddad is teaching her skills in painting.”

Photo courtesy Betty Slade
Third-place winner Danielle Roberts, left and first-place winner Julianna Elge display the pieces they submitted to the All Community Art Contest at the Pagosa Artisans’ Co-op. their work, and that of the other young, local artists who entered the show, can be seen at the Co-op at 150 Pagosa Street.