Keep mailbox areas clear for timely delivery

Cold, snow, ice and winter storms continue to pound parts of the country, making mail delivery very difficult in these areas.

The Postal Service diligently tries to live up to its goal of delivering the mail in the toughest of weather conditions but it needs the public’s help.

Support your letter carrier and Post Office in providing safe and timely delivery of your mail.

Following snowstorms and bad weather conditions, please always clear a safe path to your mailbox.

Postal residential and business customers are asked to clear your mailbox area of snow, sleet, slush, ice and debris, including from nearby sidewalks, steps and porches.

If mailboxes are blocked off and conditions are difficult, letter carriers must always consider safety and accessibility first. Letter carriers are instructed to not deliver to mailboxes and locations which are too hazardous or difficult to access.

Your assistance in clearing snow and ice also helps out others such as utility company workers, delivery personnel, neighbors and others who need to access the sidewalks and throughways around your home or business.

Whether you have a street-side or centralized neighborhood/cluster unit, postal letter carriers need to have clear and safe access to deliver your mail.

Your local Post Office and letter carriers greatly appreciate the public’s support.