Sixth-grader recommends two books for early teens

Sixth-grader Jacqueline Garcia, 12, is an avid reader who also enjoys soccer, volleyball, dance, wake boarding, listening to music, going to the lake and camping. She is student council president and has had all As since the first grade. Her parents are Mark and Jean Garcia, and the rest of her family includes brothers Kyle and Trey, plus Zia the dog.

Jacqueline is an adviser to Meagan’s Place at the Ruby Sisson Library — Meagan’s Place being a special section of the library devoted to books and games of interest to early teens in the sixth through ninth grades. In this 15th installment of Pagosa Reads book reviews, Jacqueline describes two of her recent reads, both available at the Sisson Library. It is hoped that this series will encourage more teens to read and to discuss their favorite books with family and friends.

1. “Nancy Drew Secrecy,” by Carolyn Keene: “An adventurous girl named Nancy Drew always seems to get caught in the middle of thrilling, chilling adventures and mysteries. She always seems to get into danger and sometimes fun too. Nancy always has to be on her toes. She is also always helping people in need and busting the bad guys out. It might not be easy, but Nancy never gives up. She sometimes needs help from her friends like George, Bess, Ned and sometimes her Dad and the housekeeper. Nobody can stop her when she puts her mind to it. Go girl!”

2. “Twilight,” by Stephenie Meyer: “When a young girl named Bell moves to Forks, Wash., she meets a gorgeous boy named Edward. Bell feels there is something different about Edward. She finds out he is a vampire. Not the vampires that you all know but don’t love, these vampires are extremely beautiful, have amber-colored eyes, pale skin and velvet voices. You might even fall in love with one, just like Bell falls in love with Edward. She has several adventures with him, including playing baseball in a field in the middle of the forest. When another caravan of vampires comes along, Bell is tricked into going to Arizona with James, and Edward has to show up just in time to save her. Get all the details when you read this book.”