Seventh-grader recommends book as a great read

Rose Graveson is a seventh-grader who is passionate about reading – and her love of books started early. Her mother, Stephanie, now the Sisson Library’s youth services librarian, ran a children’s book store in New Zealand.

For Rosie this was akin to having the keys to a candy store. Rosie was her mother’s official “kid reader” for new books that came into the store, and has been an enthusiastic bookworm ever since. She especially enjoys historical fiction, mysteries and books set in exotic places. When she is not reading, she enjoys skiing, playing volleyball, doing crafts, and playing her flute.

Rosie is a student in Sally High’s challenge class literature circle for seventh-graders at the Pagosa Springs Junior High School. In this 14th of an occasional series of Pagosa Reads book reviews, Rosie describes one of her favorite books. It is available at the Sisson Library in Meagan’s Place, a special section of the library devoted to books and games of interest to early teens in the sixth through ninth grades. It is hoped that this series will encourage more teens to read and discuss their favorite books with family and friends.

Rosie’s report on “Marley: A Dog Like No Other” by John Grogan:

“I have read many books in my lifetime, but ‘Marley: A Dog Like No Other’ is one I would definitely recommend. It is a touching story of a dog, his misbehavior, and how he grows up.

“John Grogan and his wife purchase a yellow Labrador fuzz-ball puppy. They name him Marley. Marley wasn’t very well behaved until John decided he has had enough. He organized obedience lessons. With all the mischief Marley got into, he got himself kicked out of classes. John decides to teach him himself.

“Marley makes slow progress but he is finally well behaved. As the days go by, Marley grows old. In Marley’s last days he mostly slept. ‘Marley’ is such a fabulous book that I would recommend it to anyone who has a passion for dogs.”