Art speaks

Dear Editor:

I would like to respond to Betty Slade’s recent Article, “Life in the Artist’s Lane.”

 One day Betty Slade said, “Let’s stop in at this place!”  It was an art gallery.  That day changed my life! I didn’t even know there be “art.” Let me tell you, no amount of money could have ever enriched my life as what I experienced that day.  I had been exposed to the world of art.

 I am not an “artist.”  I often tell people that I failed kindergarten. I always colored out of the box.  Today I teach a Sunday school class using stick people (giggle), but in my heart there is an admiration as well as appreciation for the artist who can dream a dream and put it on a canvas for me to look at and be enriched.

 Art speaks to me now.  It is no longer just a picture.  It is the heart of an artist put on canvas! So to all artists and want to-be-artists, keep dreaming up those colors for all of us who never even knew there was “art”. What a gift that God has given to you that the world might profit from your art.  It brings into our lives beauty, peace and yes, even love.

 Betty Slade, thank you for taking me to an “art gallery.”

 Betty Lucero

Clovis, N.M.


Dear Editor:

As property owners in Pagosa, we have followed with great interest the lunacy that has passed for county government, and we can no longer remain quiet concerning the latest folly — the riding arena.  Some items that seem more than a little silly to us are:

 1. “We absolutely need this.” We don’t “need” a riding arena — we need proper fiscal management from people who know how to balance a checkbook. 

 2. “A riding arena / event center will increase the Pagosa economy through tourism.” First off, there is a little outfit in town called Parelli?  I think they have a riding arena (which may or may not be used for “events”). Secondly, does anyone think that people will drive all over the country with very heavy horse trailers to the beautiful town of Pagosa to ride indoors? Lastly, the “event center” will only generate revenue when there is an event. How often will that be — two to four times per year? 

 Pagosa needs a lot of things, but a riding arena comes nowhere near the top of the “needs” list. We didn’t all fall off the turnip truck yesterday. There are a handful of very vocal  people who want the rest of the county to pay the tab for their horse habit.   

 If you really want to increase the Pagosa economy, than petition the new county commissioners to work out an arrangement to get the big boxes into Pagosa. There is an awful lot of land that could be used for commercial purposes (and it wouldn’t ruin any one’s views either).   

 How much tax revenue (local and tourist) and jobs for Pagosa are lost every day to Durango or Farmington because of a few locals with a NIMBY complex?   If you added up all the revenue that this “event center” could generate, you still wouldn’t have enough to cover the daily losses in revenue by people having to drive two or more hours to other counties or states to get all of their living supplies, or to go find work to support themselves. In a perfect world, the existing businesses in Pagosa would be able to supply everyone’s needs, but it isn’t a perfect world and time, financial and space constraints prevent local businesses from being able to do that.  But that is the mixed blessing of our capitalist society, it offers people the ability to compete for your hard-earned dollars. If you can’t compete on price, compete on service or some other benefit that makes people want to buy from you.

If you don’t like the big box, than you don’t have to shop there, but let the rest of us who may be retired or have poor or no transportation save a little money by shopping locally at a big box (instead of driving to them), saving on transportation costs, and helping our neighbors be gainfully employed in Pagosa instead of Durango or Farmington.  

 We wonder how many SUN readers would prefer the convenience of a  local “big box” (and the jobs it would provide) in Pagosa to the “benefits” of a riding arena?

Bob and Diane Wendell

Evergreen, Colo.

Another kingdom for Weiler?

Dear Editor,

So Mark Weiler is working with the Town Council who made a promise to the Interim Town Manager Tamra Allen, and he doesn’t feel obligated to vote on upholding that promise.  He instead tells his fellow council members that he wants to base his behavior on that of “the junior senator from Illinois,” where they have an ongoing history of corruption and malfeasance.  And then he indicates to a fellow council member that he is above being reminded of  what the town charter requires. 

Perhaps he would fit in better in some other kingdom.

 Bill Bechtold

Obama’s birth and the blogosphere

Dear Editor:

Why is it that Obama is dodging questions about his legal eligibility to be president, and not producing his valid birth certificate?  Substantial questions exist, along with numerous lawsuits, so why doesn’t he simply release the actual birth certificate that refutes his Kenyan birth evidence, and why does the media also avoid this simple issue?  Silence is a form of fraud where a duty exists to provide facts on an issue.  What is the government up to? Trying to get him into office and then pull this plug and have Biden become president, or just plain usurpation of the office of president by an illegal alien?  Wake up America!

Jeff Maehr

Editors Note: According to FactCheck.org, Mr. Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii Aug. 4, 1961.

Mid-East peace

Dear Editor:

The on going destruction in Gaza being done by the Israeli military is counterproductive to any Middle Eastern peace process.

I support a state of Israel but I do not support the oppression and killing of innocent Palestinians in an attempt to stop the rocket fire by a small group of Hamas militants.

At present the ratio of casualties is 100 to 1 because of the total military superiority of Israel using weapons mostly provided by and “Made in the USA”. No wonder our reputation around the world is plummeting.

Most Jewish people I know are great people, doctors, attorneys, labor organizers, pharmacists, affordable housing advocates. The state of Israel attacking Gaza does not represent my understanding of our Judeo-Christian heritage or of Jewish people. I would ask all who read this letter to take a stand for peace, justice, a halt to the invasion, the opening of borders and the support of legitimate trade between Gaza, the West bank, Israel and the rest of the world.

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth makes us blind and starving. We must give young Palestinians and every young person something to live for not something to die for.

I would ask all people of good will to call our two senators, Ken Salazar (202) 224-5852 and Mark Udall (202) 224-5941 and Representative Salazar (202) 225-4761 and ask that they work quickly to end these atrocities which are being called self defense.

Raymond P. Finney