Cards of Thanks

Safe Ride Home

Because of the sponsors and the volunteer designated drivers of the “Safe Ride Home” program, more than 50 people were driven home safely after the New Year’s Eve party and festivities at The Buffalo Inn. The local rock band, Mind UR Head, held the party.

Sponsors were P.R.E.C.O. Plumbing, Café Colorado, DSP Pizzeria, Pagosa Liquor, Navajo Trail Rental, Piedra Automotive, Design A Sign, Pagosa Central Property Management, The Buffalo Inn and KWUF.

The volunteer drivers who did such a great job driving for the “Safe Ride Home” were Shane, Tim, Dusty, Robert and Sean.

Thanks, guys, we couldn’t have done it without you.

We would like to send a big thank you to Carl, Matty, Robin and Amy for taking care of all the patrons that evening at The Buffalo Inn.

We love you all,

Mind UR Head